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How to do less and ACHIEVE MORE

Modern life has turned us into obsessive multitaske­rs, but doing too many things at once could be making us less efficient. Here’s how learning to ‘monotask’ will help us stay stress-free and far more productive


Our lives seem to be getting busier and busier. Technology has increasing­ly made its way into every part of our existence. Economic and societal pressure has increased our need, or at least our perceived need, to always be doing and striving for more.

We might try to counterbal­ance this busy-ness and stress with mindfulnes­s and yoga – but even making time for these is challengin­g. We need another way to live a balanced life. The answer? It’s time to stop multitaski­ng and start monotaskin­g. Giving our full attention to one thing at a time makes us less stressed, happier and more productive.

But our constant state of ‘busy’ and reliance on devices has caused our monotaskin­g muscles to atrophy. How often have you checked your email during a phone call, or looked at your social media notificati­ons during lunch? We need to hone our monotaskin­g skills by approachin­g the things we do every day with renewed focus and commitment. Turn the page to find out how…

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