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IT WAS an act of kindness re­quir­ing a steady hand – and stead­ier nerves. But re­mov­ing a large fish­ing hook from the mouth of this 14ft shark was no prob­lem for diver Terri Olah.

The 53-year-old grand­mother has been div­ing for 20 years and reg­u­larly swims with sharks off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. She no­ticed the dusky shark had a hook in its mouth and de­cided to help. Luck­ily, it is rare for dusky sharks, an en­dan­gered species, to at­tack hu­mans.

Mother-of-three Terri, who was out with an­other diver, grabbed the shark by the tail and twisted it so she could grab it by the nose and re­move the hook. ‘Ev­ery time we dive there is one com­mon de­nom­i­na­tor – sharks with plenty of hooks in their mouths with de­bris hang­ing from them or wrapped around them,’ she said.

‘To see this is heart­break­ing to say the least. Some of these sharks, when I go to feed them, can barely open their mouths. When we see a shark with a hook in its mouth we will al­ways try to re­move it.

‘It’s one less piece of plas­tic and garbage that we’ve re­moved from this in­cred­i­ble preda­tor.’

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