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Now Scrabble goes woke with list of banned words

- By Ali Condon

A LIST of racially offensive and derogatory slurs have been banned from use in Scrabble, much to the annoyance of competitiv­e players.

The list of all 400 now-banned words has not been published by Mattel, but according to the official online Scrabble word-checker, a number of offensive terms for black, Pakistani and Irish people have been removed.

The banned list includes words considered to be racial or ethnic slurs, including the n word, ‘Shiksha (a derogatory Jewish term), ‘Paki’, and ‘Fenian’.

This move has been condemned by some members of the World

English-Language Scrabble Players Associatio­n. Three prominent members of WESPA have quit the associatio­n in protest.

Darryl Francis, who has written books on the game, is one such member. He told the Times that ‘words listed in dictionari­es and Scrabble lists are not slurs’. ‘They only become slurs when used with a derogatory purpose or intent, or used with a particular tone and in a particular context,’ he argued.

‘Words in our familiar Scrabble word lists should not be removed because of a PR purpose disguised as promoting some kind of social betterment.’

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