Irish Daily Mail

‘Cultural war being waged on unionism’


ARLENE Foster has insisted a ‘cultural war’ is being waged on unionism by republican­s.

The DUP leader and Northern First Minister claimed genuinely felt concerns within the loyalist community were being ‘dismissed’ and she denied that unionist political leaders who highlighte­d those concerns were stoking tensions.

Mrs Foster made the comments as she and Sinn Féin deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill faced questions from Stormont MLAs on the recent street disorder, which has predominan­tly flared in loyalist working-class areas.

Responding to Sinn Féin MLA member Pat Sheehan, Mrs Foster said: ‘The idea that there’s no cultural war on unionism from republican­ism is for the birds, frankly, when you look at the evidence. The idea that there’s no culture war against unionism, it’s just not factually right.’

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