Irish Daily Mail

Joe’s dangerous game


JOE Biden calling Vladimir Putin a ‘killer’ shows he is the most dangerous president to occupy the White House since Harry Truman dropped atomic bombs on Japan.

Biden has so much blood on his hands from his own ‘war’ exploits with the Obama administra­tion, yet it appears his recollecti­on of those events is missing in his new situation. Joe’s stunning Putin remarks put every other world leader in the shade for signs of blind arrogance and sets the world on a new course. Or perhaps he is merely a man who is very much unsuited to his current job.

Let us hope that the Russians can make allowances for him, and continue with their own peaceful objectives towards America, and not engage with President Biden’s cowboys-and-Indians film scenario every time a camera is pointed at him. Come back, Donald Trump, all is forgiven? ROBERT SULLIVAN,

Bantry, Co. Cork.

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