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Hotel targeted by the firework gang


MANCHESTER CITY’S preparatio­ns for their Champions League quarter-final against Borussia Dortmund in Germany were hit by fans exploding fireworks outside their hotel in the early hours. Witnesses spoke of ‘incredible bangs’ which awoke guests — including Pep Guardiola’s team — at the Radisson Blue in Dortmund. Sportsmail understand­s that a gang of 17 set off the first batch of what have been described as ‘industrial strength’ fireworks at 2.45am. City’s security staff immediatel­y scrambled to the scene and patrolled the area. However, at 4.30am seven members of the group returned to set off a second explosion in a separate area close to the hotel, which again awoke those inside. Police were called and inspected the area, but it was City’s own security who then foiled a THIRD attempt at 5.30am. The club’s travelling staff spotted members of the gang returning and managed to chase them away from the area. ‘These were not just bangers,’ one source said. ‘We are talking industrial strength fireworks. The bangs were incredible. It felt as if the hotel shook.’ CCTV footage has been examined but further police action is thought to be unlikely. A picture obtained by this newspaper shows two boxes which had contained the fireworks. Hotel staff are said to have been outraged by the incident and have been praised for their help.

 ??  ?? Disturbanc­e: the boxes which contained the pyrotechni­cs
Disturbanc­e: the boxes which contained the pyrotechni­cs

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