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PLAYING Pairs your partner, South, opens 1♠, and then rebids 2♥ after your 2♦ response. What do you bid next? PARTNER’S bidding has not improved your hand, however you really must show your excellent diamond suit by rebidding it at the three-level.

While 3♦ does not promise any greater honour strength, it does guarantee at least a 6-card suit, and probably longer.

So you bid 3♦, and hear partner rebid 3♥ — what now? There are players who are so infatuated with their suit that they continue bidding it blindly without regard for partner’s message.

He has announced that he is at least 5-5 in the majors, and may well be void in diamonds.

His 3♥ is not forcing and you should have no difficulty in passing; you have already described your hand fully, and as partner has not bid strongly, your game prospects are poor.

Be content that your doubleton heart may provide partner with valuable spade ruffs.

Unbelievab­ly in the event, one or two Norths chose to give ‘false’ preference to 3♠, having decided that South was 6-5 distributi­on!

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