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Jury considers verdict in trial of park murder accused

- By Eoin Reynolds

A JURY has begun considerin­g its verdict in the trial of Feri Anghel, a Roma gypsy who denies murdering a Romanian man in a Dublin park.

Judge Eileen Creedon told the six men and four women of the jury at the Central Criminal Court that there are three possible verdicts available to them: guilty of murder, not guilty, or not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaught­er.

Mr Anghel, 40, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Romanian national Ioan Artene Bob, 49, at a location in Co. Dublin on April 13, 2018.

Judge Creedon said the prosecutio­n has presented a circumstan­tial case. The jury, she said, must consider each piece of evidence and then stand back and consider the evidence as a whole.

‘It is the cumulative weight that you consider,’ she said. ‘If it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime, then you convict.’

The prosecutio­n must satisfy the jury that each strand of evidence is true and that the inference suggested by the prosecutio­n is warranted, the judge said.

Murder, she said, is defined by the Criminal Justice Act 1964, which states that where a person kills another unlawfully, the killing shall not be murder unless the accused person intended to kill or cause serious injury.

The jury was told they must first decide whether Mr Anghel killed the deceased, and if they are not satisfied of that beyond a reasonable doubt, they must acquit.

If they are satisfied Mr Anghel killed Mr Bob, they must then consider if he had the intention to kill or to cause serious injury, the judge said. Judge Creedon said that if the killing is proven but not the intent, the correct verdict would be manslaught­er, which is an unlawful killing where the accused committed an unlawful or dangerous act or intended some physical harm, but not serious injury or death.

A murder verdict, she said, is brought if the jury is satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused killed Mr Bob, and that when he did so he intended to kill or to at least cause serious injury.

The jury will return to the court today to continue its deliberati­ons.

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