»»Vic­tim’s sib­ling cut her off af­ter she re­ported vile hus­band


A RAPE vic­tim last night branded her sis­ter “evil” for stand­ing by the pae­dophile who de­stroyed her child­hood.

Vile Bartholomew “Batty” Pren­der­gast, 65, was jailed this week for sex­u­ally abus­ing two of his ex-wife Patricia’s sis­ters along with a third woman.

To­day we pub­lish new im­ages of the leer­ing per­vert as he min­gled with fam­i­lies on a day out.

But none of the un­sus­pect­ing lo­cals were aware he was a vi­cious sex­ual preda­tor who at­tacked his young sis­ters-in-law Stephanie Hickey and Deirdre Fahy.

In an­other chill­ing snap, he poses with his arms around the shoul­ders of a rel­a­tive’s chil­dren dur­ing an over­seas trip. Last Mon­day, Pren­der­gast, a re­tired coun­cil worker, from Dun­gar­van, Co Water­ford, was caged for eight-and-a-half-years for the cat­a­logue of abuse which lasted from 1979 and 1991.

His trial had heard “var­i­ous dis­clo­sures” had been made to dif­fer­ent mem­bers of the fam­i­lies in­volved over the years.

But noth­ing was ever done apart from a meet­ing with a priest.

The cleric sent the warped fa­ther of three for coun­selling – but he con­tin­ued to ter­rorise the schoolgirls.

Ms Hickey, 47, has now re­vealed his wife – her older sis­ter “Tisha” – stopped talk­ing to her af­ter she Hickey fam­ily re­ported the abuse to gar­dai. She told the Irish Mir­ror: “She is evil and rot­ten to the core.

“There are bad peo­ple out there and she is cer­tainly rot­ten to the core.

“She has had plenty of time to come back in the past four years and say ‘I’m sorry’.

“If I bumped into her in the street now she would just walk past me.

“She def­i­nitely wouldn’t say hello. She would cut you down.

“I will never get over this hurt. This part hurts as much as the abuse. I mean, to have friends and strangers sup­port you, but not your own sis­ter.

“She was in the house, down­stairs, when some of the abuse was hap­pen­ing.

“My part­ner An­gelo ac­tu­ally said to her, ‘She was just 12, she was in your care when all of this was hap­pen­ing’.

“But when I went to the guards she lashed out at me and said I was go­ing to de­stroy her char­ac­ter and her chil­dren’s char­ac­ters.”

Judge Eileen Cree­don


Deirdre Fahy and Stephanie Hickey at court this week jailed Pren­der­gast for 10 years, with the fi­nal 18 months sus­pended.

But with au­to­matic 25% re­mis­sion the twisted per­vert is likely to be back on the streets in 2024.

Stephanie said Pren­der­gast de­vel­oped his own se­cret method of com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

She added: “He had his own lan­guage – a made-up lan­guage that only he and [the other pae­dophile] could speak.

“I can re­mem­ber stand­ing at the kitchen sink wash­ing up and three of them were sit­ting there at the ta­ble.

“They called it bang-a-lang and they could hold a proper con­ver­sa­tion. They could just talk among themjust

If I bumped into her in the street she would prob­a­bly walk past STEPHANIE HICKEY

PREDA­TOR Batty Pren­der­gast on hol­i­day IN­NO­CENTS JUS­TICE

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