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Web host hits out at US data Bill plans


BLACKNIGHT, Ireland’s largest web host and domain registrar, has joined the Global Encryption Coalition and signed an open letter with over 90 other internet organisati­ons and cybersecur­ity experts objecting to the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act.

This US Bill is designed to weaken and undermine end-to-end user encryption, thus violating the privacy and security of millions of internet users.

Blacknight chief Michele Neylon said: “Encryption helps make the internet a more secure place.

“Without strong encryption, internet users will be placed in greater danger from bad actors. Encryption protects all internet users.

“This Bill will completely destroy encryption as we know it. It paints encryption as something that is dangerous and facilitate­s criminal activity when, in fact, billions of consumers rely on it to be safe on the internet.”

The Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act will give the US government and its law enforcemen­t agencies the ability to demand access into any software or service that uses encryption. This access makes end-to-end user encryption pointless and abuses user’s rights to privacy on the internet.

My Neylon said: “If someone has the keys to your house, even if they’re law enforcemen­t, your house is effectivel­y no longer locked.

“Giving any corporatio­n or government­al organisati­on the keys to encrypted data is a fundamenta­l violation of freedom and privacy that, as Europeans, we cherish.”

 ??  ?? LETTER Michele Neylon
LETTER Michele Neylon

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