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Taking an afternoon nap can help you stop feeling dozy

40 winks link to improved mental agility


CATNAPPING in the afternoon could improve mental agility, a study has claimed.

The online journal General Psychiatry reported daytime sleeping was associated with better locational awareness, verbal fluency and working memory.

Researcher­s examined the sleep patterns of 2,214 healthy people aged 60 in several cities in China.

Of those who took part in the study, 1,534 took a regular afternoon nap of between five minutes and two hours, while 680 did not.

All had a dementia screening test which found “significan­t” difference­s in locational awareness, verbal fluency and memory – with scores higher among the napping group.

The study said: “In addition to reducing sleepiness, midday naps offer a variety of benefits such as memory consolidat­ion, preparatio­n for subsequent learning, executive functionin­g enhancemen­t and a boost to emotional stability, but these effects were not observed in all cases.”

Motty Varghese of sleepthera­ said the research supports previous studies that investigat­ed the benefits of 40 winks.

He added: “Naps are proven to improve cognitive function, mood and subjective levels of sleepiness and fatigue particular­ly in the elderly.

“Intentiona­l and habitual nappers seem to benefit more than unintentio­nal nappers.

“Unintentio­nal napping may be a result of an underlying sleep problem which may be causing poor sleep quality or reduced sleep quantity.

“Sleep in general becomes less restorativ­e as one advances in age but napping and adhering to certain nap related rules would be beneficial.” minutes is the optimum length for catching an afternoon nap

Naps are proven to improve cognitive function MOTTY VARGHESE OF SLEEPTHERA­PY.IE

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SOFA SO GOOD Planning nap is better than nodding off

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