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Taoiseach says he hasn’t ‘ruled out’ a future bid for Aras

- BY CIARA PHELAN Political Correspond­ent news@irishmirro­

TAOISEACH Micheal Martin has played down the possibilit­y of running for Irish President in the future but admitted he would “never say never” in life.

Mr Martin also said he would not be afraid of shaking up Cabinet ministers if it’s required come December when Tanaiste Leo Varadkar will become Taoiseach.

When asked by the Irish Mirror if he had spoken to his family about a bid for the Aras, he joked he’d be conscious of the reply he might get.

He added: “I haven’t thought of this at all now, Jesus. I haven’t even ruled it in certainly. I haven’t given it any considerat­ion.

“I never say never in life but I haven’t given it any considerat­ion.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m focused on being Taoiseach, then Tanaiste and then seeing out the Programme for Government.

“I’ve lots of things to keep me awake at night but that’s not one of them anyway and I’m very realistic.”

When pressed further, , he joked: “You asked me, have I spoken to my family? I’m just conscious of the replies that I’d get.

“I wouldn’t be that presumptuo­us.

“That’s a tall order, becoming President of Ireland.”

Mr Varadkar will begin a second term as Taoiseach in early December as part of the rotating process agreed at the formation of the Coalition.

When asked if he feels sad that he does not have the opportunit­y to remain as Taoiseach, Mr Martin said: “Basically I’ll put it this way to you, I’m looking forward to the next six months as Taoiseach.

“I’ve a lot on my plate and on our plate as a Government and that’s it.

“It’s not about emotions, it’s being realistic and practical about it.

“I am determined to see through the Government’s commitment­s and the Programme for Government is the key one of that and also the change-over is a key one of that. I’m philosophi­cal about all of that.

“That’s what I signed up to and that’s what 80% of the membership of Fianna Fail signed up to when they voted and I believe in honouring agreements.”

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