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FEARS over more drownings prompted water safety chiefs to renew appeals to beware of the dangers this Bank Holiday weekend.

Three people died during the recent record-breaking 33C heat and several agencies have issued a potentiall­y lifesaving list of tips.

Water Safety Ireland, the Irish Coast Guard, RNLI, and Met Eireann have urged people to always check the weather and tide times.

They also want the public to carry a device to raise the alarm in emergencie­s, share their plans, never swim alone and stay near lifeguards.

The groups have also reminded people to wear a lifejacket and remember to call 999 or 112 for the

Coast Guard. A spokespers­on for the appeal said: “We are asking people to be particular­ly mindful to check weather forecasts and tide times before venturing out.

“If planning other activities, such as paddleboar­ding, always go prepared so the water can be enjoyed safely.”

Kevin Rahill of the RNLI warned there will be “spring tides” and urged people to check times “to avoid becoming cut off ”. He added: “Remember to float to live if you do get into trouble. To do this, lean back, using your arms and legs to stay afloat. Control your breathing, then call for help.”

Micheal O’toole of the Irish Coast Guard said: ‘We would advise people to avoid [taking] inflatable toys to the beach, rivers or lakes, as users can easily get swept away.” Roger Sweeney of Water Safety Ireland said: “Rip currents are one of the most dangerous natural hazards at Irish beaches.

“The strong channel of water running from a beach back to sea can be difficult to spot so the best way to avoid them is to swim at lifeguarde­d beaches between the red and yellow flags.

“If caught in one, don’t exhaust yourself trying to swim against it. Swim parallel to the beach until free of the narrow current and then head for shore.”

Evelyn Cusack of Met Eireann said: “While there will be some warm sunny spells, the weather will be mixed this weekend.”

The State forecaster predicts rain and maximum 23C temperatur­es for today and tomorrow and Sunday.

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