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Victim’s sister slams murderer after appeal bid

- BY JOHN HAND Chief Reporter news@irishmirro­

THE heartbroke­n sister of Daniel Mcanaspie has slammed his killer as an “evil monster” who should stay caged for the rest of his days.

Psycho Richard Dekker will serve the remainder of his life sentence after his appeal against his conviction for murdering the innocent 17-year-old in 2010 was slapped down this week.

But Daniel’s sister Cathriona says the fact Dekker put them through more pain highlights what a thug he is.

Welcoming the news, Cathriona told the Irish Mirror: “I was delighted. My whole family were. It was touch and go and we’re delighted now that he has to serve his sentence.

“It just shows the sort of person Dekker is, 12 years of pain and hurt.

“We’ll never get over it. Someday he’ll be a free man. It won’t be for a long time and we hope he stays where he is.

“Dekker is a monster. He’s evil. He should never be free from prison because he took a child’s life. He’s broken a family. He’s just pure evil.”

Daniel was stabbed more than 20 times with garden shears by Dekker in Tolka Valley Park, Blanchards­town.

His body was put in a suitcase and dumped in a drain about 30km away where it was found by a farmer three months later in Rathfeigh, Co Meath.

Although Dekker first went on trial in 2013, he was acquitted after a judge ruled there was a lack of evidence. But the Supreme Court later ruled he could face a second trial for the same murder.

In 2017 a jury convicted Dekker of Daniel’s murder.

Cathriona said: “He’s never shown any remorse, never. And I don’t think as a family we would even accept it if he did.”

Rememberin­g Daniel, she said: “He was just full of life, he loved his family. He had plans of what he wanted to do when he was older but he never got to do those plans. He was a great kid.

“It’s 12 years and people say there’s a point where you get over it but we’ll never get over it.”

Dekker’s accomplice Trevor

Noone, 34, was present when

Daniel was killed and helped to lure him intending to “give him a few digs”.

His sentencing hearing heard that Noone knew Dekker was carrying the shears and so put his offence at the upper end for manslaught­er and sentenced him to 13 years in prison.

Dekker is evil. He should never be free from prison because he took a child’s life


 ?? ?? KILLED Daniel Mcanaspie, 17, was murdered in 2010
KILLED Daniel Mcanaspie, 17, was murdered in 2010

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