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Dear Coleen

- Coleen says

I’m a man in my 30s, married with an 18-month-old son. About a year ago, I made the decision to give up my job, which I hated, to look after our son, so my wife could focus on her career, which involves quite a lot of travel, some it overseas.

She was fully supportive of this idea and she earns more than I did, so it made sense.

However, I’m finding that I’m really envious of her job and her lifestyle and I’m starting to resent being at home.

I actually miss the working world and being among people, and I know I’m really miserable when my wife comes home and talks about what she’s been up to and all her business trips.

I don’t feel I can go back on it at the moment as she’s away such a lot, so it’s not as easy as just putting our son in nursery to enable me to start working again.

Also, we don’t have family nearby to do nursery pick-ups or overnight stays. Any ideas?

It’s OK to change your mind and to miss working – it doesn’t make you a bad person. And I’m pretty sure your wife would understand these feelings, as she was obviously itching to get back to work herself.

So, I think it’s a question of logistics for you guys or maybe a more gradual return to the workplace and a job that offers more flexibilit­y.

How about freelance work or a part-time role, for example, which would still allow you to be there for your son.

But don’t resent your wife for how you’re feeling and make her feel bad about her choices – it was your idea to give up work and you should now come together to work out a solution that works for everyone.

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