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A SHINY new all-seater stadium, shared by Bohemians and Shelbourne, might have looked the part in Phibsborou­gh.

But the alternativ­e as laid out in Dublin City Council’s proposed scaled-back redevelopm­ent of Dalymount Park will offer so much more insists Bohs chief operating officer Daniel Lambert.

Not only would Plan B offer terracing for around 3,000 supporters but there would be an emotional dividend to the decision to scrap the original proposal due to a number of issues including inflated constructi­on costs.

“On sharing the ground, it was a compromise on both sides,” said Lambert, addressing the plan that has a completion date of January 2026.

“You sometimes heard that Shels are coming to Dalymount but Bohs were also losing half of Dalymount. It wasn’t like there was a winner and a loser, it was a compromise position.

“Even take basic stuff, like the sign over Dalymount as you walk down, that is really sentimenta­l to Bohs fans. Where would that have went? Does it stay in the ground?

“And that’s just a basic question. Then you get into the actual operation of a home stand and you could imagine the sticker wars that would take place in there. It would have been a difficult thing to do. For a long period of time, both us and Shels felt it was the right option.

But, from our point of view, to not have to share a ground with somebody makes it way better for identity and sense of place and people coming to a ground that is theirs, even though it is the council’s.”

He explained how costs had skyrockete­d from the €32m estimate in 2019 to €46m now, due to inflation, and how

Shelbourne’s decision to remain at Tolka

Park also dealt a blow to what was originally destined to be a Euro 2020 legacy project.

So what would have been a 6,000-seater stadium could now become a 10,000 capacity ground.

Bohs members are also overwhelmi­ngly in favour of the new proposal, which is expected to get the DCC green light in September.

“We had the AGM last night and there was a really good reaction to this,” said Lambert.

“What it means is we are going to look at a Plan B alongside the original one.”

He added: “UEFA are reintroduc­ing standing in a lot of leagues. The SPL and Premier League are looking at it. At Dalymount at the moment, a quarter of our fans, maybe more, stand.

“The idea of a large terrace, I think, is music to the ears of football fans. It will create an atmosphere that will be really special.”

 ?? ?? ATMOSPHERI­C Dalymount Park
ATMOSPHERI­C Dalymount Park

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