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Too much of a good thing



HE’S the undisputed King of Christmas but even Michael Buble would rather you turn off his music after the big day.

The Canadian crooner’s evergreen Christmas album is the biggest selling festive album of the 21st century.

But you can get too much of a good thing.

“Christmas music reminds me of rich food, when you haven’t had it in a while you are so excited for it and you eat as much as you can,” quipped Michael.

“By the 26th of December you don’t ever want to hear it again. But there are worse things than a season where people are kind.”

Michael Buble is anything but a Grinch, as his love of the festive season is about as genuine as it gets: “I love Christmas so much and my parents made it so great for us that I still have that sense of wonderment. It’s not that I see it through the eyes of kids, I genuinely have that wonderment. Like my tree was up November 1st,” he says.

Buble’s Christmas album has amassed a phenomenal 16 million sales and four billion streams, and now it celebrates its 10th anniversar­y with a lavish new Super 10th Anniversar­y Deluxe Limited Edition Box Set.


“I cant believe it’s been 10 years,” he said. “People come up to me that I think are regular middle aged people and say, ‘Hi I’ve been listening to you since I was a little kid’, and I go, ‘God I’m old’.”

The album includes a seven-track bonus CD with songs personally selected by Michael including a duet with

Rod Stewart.

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