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No charges for cop who killed girl (14)


THE California Attorney General has declined to file criminal charges against a Los Angeles police officer who fired a rifle at a suspect inside a clothing store in 2021, killing a 14-year-old girl in a dressing room.

Officer William Dorsey Jones Jr fired three times when police responded to a clothing store in the San Fernando Valley where Daniel Elena Lopez had brutally attacked two women on December 23, 2021.

Elena Lopez (24) was killed, as was Valentina Orellana Peralta as she prayed in a dressing room with her mother.

Instead of criminal charges, the Attorney General recommende­d that LAPD “update training” for situations such as the one Jones Jr faced.

THE family of tragic debs crash victim Kiea McCann have marked her 18th birthday by placing a headstone on her grave.

Largy College student Kiea (17) died alongside her friend Dlava Mohamed (16) in the horror car crash that occurred while they were on their way to their debs in Legnakelly near Clones, Co Monaghan, on July 31, 2023.

Anthony McGinn (60) has since been charged with dangerous driving causing death – and today The Star can reveal that a second man, aged in his 40s, is soon set to appear in court over the incident.

It comes as Kiea’s devastated parents Frankie and Teresa McCann and Dlava’s sister Avin, who was critically injured in the crash, attended her grave yesterday, marking what would have been her 18th birthday.

Avin (18) was seen in tears as friends and family paid tribute to Kiea, and the headstone was installed in the cemetery in Clones.

Frankie told us: “It’s a celebratio­n of her life but it’s a sad occasion.

“It’s a very, very hard day. We’re all meeting up with family and friends. There’s a few of us going up on bikes.

She was into the bikes. It would have been the start of her whole life.”

He added: “She would have been spoiled rotten today and got a major present. Her present is a headstone. That’s basically the worst part of it. But that’s the reality and the hard part of it.


Speaking to us previously, Frankie told how he pulled his own daughter out of the car and performed CPR on her in a desperate bid to save her life.

“I jumped the fence to get into the girls. I got into the car and tried to save Kiea but she was gone,” he told us.

“So there was a nurse there with me who helped me. So I left Kiea to see who was alive. Dlava was just not moving so I went to her sister Avin because I knew she was worse.

“I tried to save them. But there was no saving them,” he said.

“I did CPR. I’m trained in first aid and that. But there was nothing.

“It’s a sight no one wants to see, especially parents.”

Teresa was also at the scene and told us how once she saw the white BMW she knew her daughter was gone.

“When I looked in knew. I was there and I stayed. I just held Kiea in my arms. And then I laid beside them,” she said.

Frankie added: “I couldn’t leave the girls. I’d worked on Kiea and then lay beside her and her mother.”

The dad also told of Kiea’s “infectious” personalit­y and how many people in

Clones knew of her and her beautiful smile.

He said: “She was infectious. No matter who seen her they were drawn to her. She was so full of life and Dlava was the same.

You’d never see one without the other.

“Kiea had plans to be a social worker and she was accepted into college and wanted to be in childcare working with children who are disadvanta­ged

Iand stuff. She never got that chance.”

Recalling the day of the tragedy, Frankie said he remembers every minute that his daughter and Dlava spent in his home in their debs dresses – minutes before they got into a car and left.

“It was so exciting for them. She came back and was sitting in that chair. I went over to her and said you’re the most beautiful person in the world. I never seen anyone as beautiful in the world in my whole life as you,” he said.


“And just like that she was gone, she went out and I said where did they go, and her mother said they ran to the car the two of them.

“They were after hugging me and kissing me and Dlava jumped on my knee, so she did.

“I said to them don’t worry girls I love you.”

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