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Family slam ‘disgusting’ Jennie web scammers



THE family of murdered mum-oftwo Jennie Poole has hit out at the “disgusting” scammers who have used her horror death to make money three years on.

Tragic Jennie was stabbed to death by her ex, Gavin Murphy, on April 17, 2021, in her apartment in Melville Drive, Finglas, in north Dublin when she was just 24.

Murphy is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Jennie.

Her family later learned that care worker Jennie had been living in fear of her abusive partner and had stashed and hidden knives.

Jennie was unaware Murphy, who attacked a prison officer in Mountjoy prison just months into his life sentence for murder, had a history of abusive behaviour, including a conviction for assaulting a former partner.

Since her death, her brother, Jason Poole, has been campaignin­g for a domestic violence register, which would allow those with concerns to ask authoritie­s for informatio­n about a partner’s violent past.

Jason has been calling on the Government for a number of measures under ‘Jennie’s Law’ to be implemente­d to help stop the violence against women including a register that will allow gardai to give and tell a victim of domestic abuse the history of an abuser.

He said he is still waiting to hear back from Minister for Justice Helen McEntee for an update in relation to implementi­ng the register.


Now, on the third anniversar­y of her death, scammers have targeted family and friends of Jennie by posting a link to a live stream of her funeral, despite her funeral happening three years ago.

The scammers have posted a link to what they claim is a livestream to Jennie’s funeral and the post includes a link that directs users asking for personal details and to pay a fee to watch. Jennie’s grieving brother Jason said these scammers are adding more trauma to their grief and slammed them as ‘disgusting.’

Speaking to this paper on Thursday, Jason said: “It’s disgusting what the scammers are doing. It’s re-traumatisi­ng us that they are using Jennie’s death to scam and make money off others.

“There needs to be measures put in place by the Government to stop this and to police social media sites like Facebook more,” he said, adding he has received a huge amount of phone calls from family and friends asking if he set it up.

“I’ve had to tell everyone not to click on the link and to report it, that scammers have set the page up. It’s disgusting.

“We don’t need this hassle when we are still grieving Jennie and what worries me is how many people would have actually clicked on the link. It’s horrific and of all days for the scammers to do it, on her third anniversar­y.”

He believes scammers are watching everything on social media and feels they made the scam page of Jennie’s live funeral service because of all the tributes on social media to Jennie on the third anniversar­y of her death.

In an emotional and heartbreak­ing tribute to Jennie three years on, Jason said things will never be the same without his beloved sister.

“I can’t believe today has arrived again and it still does not feel real,” Jason wrote on social media in the emotional tribute to mark three years since Jennie’s murder.

“The day we lost you Jennie, is the day our world turned upside down.

“Things will never be the same without here and life is just not the same.

“I think about you every minute of every day. I often wonder where you are, what you’re doing and if you’re at peace.

“We talk about you daily as if you’re still here. It keeps your memory alive as we will never let it die. “I would do anything to see you again Jennie to hold you, hug you and never let you go.

“I feel empty inside as we go through our days. There isn’t a day that I don’t shed a tear thinking about you and what happened.

“Your two babies miss you so much. “Love you my beautiful sister until we meet again, keep dancing up there while you wait for us,” heartbroke­n Jason wrote.

 ?? ?? TRAGIC: Jennie Poole was stabbed to death by her abusive boyfriend three years ago
TRAGIC: Jennie Poole was stabbed to death by her abusive boyfriend three years ago
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 ?? ?? CAMPAIGN: Jason, Jennie’s brother
CAMPAIGN: Jason, Jennie’s brother

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