How to im­prove your sleep qual­ity

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Un­der­stand that an adult needs seven hours or more per nigh.

Avoid tech de­vices or TV in the bed­room, and make sure it’s not too warm.

Avoid caf­feine af­ter mid­day, es­pe­cially if you are hav­ing trou­ble get­ting to sleep.

Stop look­ing at screens about two hours be­fore bed to give your brain time to shift down gears.

Es­tab­lish a bed­time rou­tine. Turn down the house lights. Have a bath or shower. Get or­gan­ised for bed, and only watch or read ma­te­rial which soothes rather than stim­u­lates. Get into your night clothes. Con­sciously wind down — don’t jump into bed in fifth gear.

Prac­tise ‘Bed­i­ta­tion’: if you wake dur­ing the night, don’t catas­trophise about how bad you’ll feel the next day. Stay in the mo­ment.

Don’t fight sleep­less­ness, be­cause that makes you even more awake. Fo­cus on your breath — count your breaths — count in for seven and out for 11.

Use your five senses to ground you in the here. Your mind will bring you to wor­ries about the fu­ture, but to sleep you need to be in the now.

If you have lost good sleep habits per­sist in regaining them — don’t give up on a re-es­tab­lished bed­time rou­tine af­ter three or four days.

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