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Male-pat­tern bald­ness is hair loss af­fect­ing the fore­head, top of the head and the tem­ples.

It is a very com­mon con­di­tion, which af­fects up to 25% of men.

It is not a med­i­cally dam­ag­ing con­di­tion or a sign of other health con­cerns.

For some men, it can cause se­vere dis­tress and have a detri­men­tal ef­fect on their mood and sense of self-es­teem.

Top­i­cal lo­tion based treat­ments can be ef­fec­tive while they are be­ing used.

Tablet treat­ment can also be an op­tion but can have more se­vere side ef­fects.

Sur­gi­cal trans­plan­ta­tion of hair fol­li­cles for some peo­ple can be a very ef­fec­tive treat­ment.

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