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AFILLING of sausage­meat en­robed in flaky/puff pas­try is un­likely to be low in fat or calo­ries, but on a win­ter’s day, how bad can it be? A hefty side of win­ter salad helps cut through fats and make them di­gestible and pro­vides the wide range of vi­ta­mins and min­er­als we need in this damp weather. A head of cab­bage keeps well, so thinly slice a por­tion, grate some car­rot and raw beet­root and/or cele­riac, toss in warmed olive oil, your favourite vine­gar, finely grated gar­lic and fresh turmeric and you have a feast. I some­times top this salad with crisply fried thinly sliced onions.

We tested only cooked sausage rolls (there are a few raw avail­able) and warmed them in the oven for 12 min­utes at 180c/350f/gas 4. I tasted them cold first, and they are ed­i­ble for an easy lunch, but not at their best. I warmed them up for tasters.

Mi­crowav­ing is not an op­tion for any pas­try, and won’t do sausage rolls jus­tice. The pas­try will end up leath­ery and soggy. Put them to heat by the fire in­stead.

We looked for tasty, light pas­try, with a good ra­tio of fill­ing to pas­try and tested a few with black pud­ding and spices. Some butch­ers make their own, but they are usu­ally un­cooked.

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