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Cin­na­mon Cot­tage 126g €1.75 each

A se­lec­tion of size­able plain, black pud­ding and pork, and ap­ple and sage rolls made for an in­ter­est­ing test­ing. All of them had the light­est pas­try of all sam­ples, and just the right amount too, wrapped around good qual­ity sausage meat, flavours bal­anced and com­fort­ing. They were de­li­cious. Very good value.

Score: 9

Bax­ter & Greene 170g €2.85 each

In the newly ex­tended Dunnes Stores, Bish­op­stown Court, Cork, this out­let will warm your sausage roll on the spot. Com­pact sausage­meat is low on flavour, but nat­u­rally meaty, and not over-salted. The light pas­try is topped with crunchy seeds. De­cent sized, one could (and per­haps should) be shared.

Score: 8

Pri­ory Cof­fee Co 100g €3.50

Plenty of sausage mixed with black pud­ding has a good ra­tio of pas­try to meat. The pas­try is tasty and topped with seeds. How­ever, while crisp on the out­side, the de­li­ciously moist fill­ing keeps the pas­try a lit­tle soggy on the in­side. Best heated a lit­tle longer than oth­ers,15 min­utes at least. Ex­pen­sive, but large enough for two. To eat in or take away from North Main Street out­let be­side Gate cin­ema.

Score: 8

Tesco 9 mini pork sausage rolls 270g €2

Spicy meat is tasty, but the pas­try feels fat­tier than other sam­ples. Tasters liked them, though.

Score: 7

On the Pig’s Back 75g €1.20 each

Par­tic­u­larly good sausage­meat is mildly pep­pery and bal­ances well with the pas­try. While smaller than some of the oth­ers, one is quite enough for one per­son.

Score: 8.25

Has­setts Bak­ery 100g €1.75

Spicy minced pork and a plain sausage flavour pro­vide two good op­tions from this bak­ery. In a blan­ket of tasty pas­try, the sausage­meat was dense, but the pork looser and spiced with pi­mento to pro­vide a lively con­trast to the pas­try. See has­setts­bak­ery.ie for out­lets.

Score: 8

Marks & Spencer 12 mini pork sausage rolls 400g €3

Good bal­ance of mildly spiced meat and pas­try ap­pealed to tasters who thought one, while mini, was quite sat­is­fy­ing. Avail­able in many sized packs.

Score: 7.75

East­man’s 8 sausage rolls 480g €1.40

A more old fash­ioned style here with a lot of heav­ier, fatty rather than but­tery, pas­try. Had to be warmed up to be ap­peal­ing. Mildly spiced.

Score: 6

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