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ALZHEIMER’S VAC­CINE: A vac­cine against Alzheimer’s has come a step closer to re­al­ity af­ter sci­en­tists suc­ceeded in pre­vent­ing the build-up of toxic brain pro­teins linked to the dis­ease. Ex­per­i­ments on mice showed that the DNA vac­cine, in­jected into skin, could po­ten­tially de­lay the on­set of Alzheimer’s with no se­ri­ous side-ef­fects. The find­ings, pub­lished in the jour­nal Alzheimer’s Re­search And Ther­apy, could pave the way for clin­i­cal tri­als with hu­man pa­tients, said the sci­en­tists. COLD COM­FORT: Peo­ple liv­ing in cold cli­mates with less sun­light are more likely to drink heav­ily. The US re­search es­tab­lishes a link be­tween av­er­age tem­per­a­ture and hours of sun­light and al­co­hol con­sump­tion. Ex­am­in­ing data from 193 coun­tries, the group found ev­i­dence that cli­mate con­trib­uted to a higher in­ci­dence of binge drink­ing and liver dis­ease. Se­nior author Ra­mon Bataller, as­so­ci­ate di­rec­tor of the Pitts­burgh Liver Re­search Cen­tre, said: “This is the first study that sys­tem­at­i­cally demon­strates that world­wide and in Amer­ica, in colder ar­eas and ar­eas with less sun, you have more drink­ing and more al­co­holic cir­rho­sis.” Al­co­hol is a va­sodila­tor, re­lax­ing blood ves­sels and in­creas­ing the flow of warm blood to the skin. Drink­ing also is linked to de­pres­sion, which tends to be more preva­lent when sun­light is scarce. The study is pub­lished on­line in Hepa­tol­ogy. CARBS COUNT: Con­sum­ing less pro­tein and more car­bo­hy­drates could be the key to healthy brain age­ing, a new study sug­gests. Sci­en­tists at the Univer­sity of Sydney in Australia came to the con­clu­sion af­ter con­duct­ing diet ex­per­i­ments on mice. The an­i­mals were al­lowed to eat as much as they liked, as long as the food was low in pro­tein and high in car­bo­hy­drates. As a re­sult, their per­for­mance in learn­ing and mem­ory tests saw mod­est im­prove­ments. Both young and old mice of both sexes ex­pe­ri­enced the ben­e­fits.

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