Top tips from the sports stars and ex­perts

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1. Iden­tify and talk to some­one or some peo­ple you can trust — there’s al­ways some­one who’ll help and lis­ten 2. Stay in touch with friends and fam­ily, don’t avoid them 3. Reg­u­larly get some fresh air, ex­er­cise — even if it’s just walk­ing the dog

4. Man­age your en­ergy — try to get enough sleep (at least seven hours), rest, eat right, hy­drate well and don’t take too much on — get some­one to share the work and bur­den if needs be

5. Re­frame — look for the pos­si­ble pos­i­tives and cer­tain learn­ings in a set­back — of­ten a loss or ‘fail­ure’ teaches us how to go about things bet­ter and wiser in the fu­ture

6. Use pos­i­tive self-talk — or at least avoid neg­a­tive self­talk — you wouldn’t talk to a friend the way you some­times talk to your­self 7. Look out for oth­ers and do things with oth­ers 8. If your mood is more alarm­ing and ur­gent, con­tact your GP and/or spe­cial­ist ser­vices like,, www.pieta­, www.rea­ and the Sa­mar­i­tans (116 123)

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