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SHE might have more than 100m fol­low­ers on In­sta­gram, but Kendall Jenner is just like the rest of us when it comes to suffering from bad skin days. The 23-year-old model opened up about her strug­gles with acne at the re­cent Golden Globes red car­pet show, ex­plain­ing how her vis­i­ble blem­ishes at last year’s cer­e­mony knocked her self-es­teem.

“I loved my dress and my hair and my make-up was so beau­ti­ful,” she re­calls in a com­mer­cial for skin­care com­pany Proac­tiv, which aired at this week’s awards show. “Then I re­mem­ber go­ing online and see­ing all the hor­ri­ble things peo­ple were say­ing about me and my skin.”

Acne is a pretty com­mon skin con­di­tion — it af­fects around 80% of peo­ple aged 11 to 30. But rather than fur­ther clog­ging your pores with lay­ers of makeup, why not try tap­ping into home reme­dies in­stead? These kitchen he­roes are cheap, cheer­ful and may just lessen the painful ir­ri­ta­tion of a pim­ple erup­tion. Oh, and they aren’t filled with any artificial nas­ties ei­ther.

1. Ap­ple cider vine­gar: Stud­ies have found that this par­tic­u­lar type of vine­gar — which con­tains acetic, cit­ric, lac­tic and suc­cinic acid — can kill the spot-caus­ing bac­te­ria known as pro­pi­oni­bac­terium ac­nes. Sim­ply mix to­gether one part ap­ple cider vine­gar with two parts wa­ter, ap­ply to a clean cot­ton pad and swipe over the face for a nat­u­ral, blem­ish-fight­ing toner.

2. Tea tree oil: This is an age-old skin rem­edy that’s al­ways good to have in your bath­room cab­i­net for any emer­gen­cies. It can be bought for just a few pounds in most health food shops and is ex­tracted from the leaves of the Me­laleuca al­terni­fo­lia — a tree na­tive to Aus­tralia.

When it comes to ap­pli­ca­tion, it’s best to ap­ply to a cleansed face, con­cen­trat­ing on any red or ir­ri­tated prob­lem ar­eas. The smell can be off-putting at first, but it’s of­ten worth per­se­ver­ing; a 2007 study found that ap­ply­ing a tea tree oil to the skin can sig­nif­i­cantly im­prove acne af­ter three months.

3. Zinc sup­ple­ment: The min­eral zinc can’t be naturally pro­duced by our bod­ies, which is why it’s im­por­tant to make sure you’re get­ting enough of it in your diet. As well as aid­ing proper im­mune sys­tem func­tion, it also plays a big role in cell di­vi­sion, cell growth and wound heal­ing. It’s also one of the most stud­ied nat­u­ral treat­ments for acne, and re­searchers have found that those with spots tend to have lower lev­els of zinc in their blood than peo­ple with clear skin. Meat, shell­fish, legumes and seeds are all foods high in the es­sen­tial min­eral, but if you re­ally want to make sure you’re get­ting enough, try tak­ing a daily sup­ple­ment.

4. Honey and turmeric mask: When it comes to bad skin days, honey is your best friend. It has nat­u­ral anti-in­flam­ma­tory and an­timi­cro­bial prop­er­ties, mak­ing it an ex­cel­lent at-home treat­ment for killing any spot-caus­ing mi­cro-or­gan­isms on the skin. Turmeric has been used for cen­turies in both Ayurvedic and Chi­nese medicine to treat a vast ar­ray of health prob­lems — thanks to its anti-in­flam­ma­tory good­ness.

The best way to tap into their heal­ing magic is by a DIY face mask. Mix half a tea­spoon of turmeric with a ta­ble­spoon of honey and layer it evenly over a clean, dry face, avoid­ing the eye area. Leave it to sink into the skin for from 10-20 min­utes, and then rinse it off af­ter. Re­peat once a week for the per­fect spot-bust­ing rit­ual.

SKIN DEEP: Kendall Jenner has ad­mit­ted that blem­ishes knocked her self-es­teem.

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