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Dr Deirdre Lundy, GP, Bray Women’s Health Cen­tre, and co-or­di­na­tor for GP train­ing in sex­ual/re­pro­duc­tive health, Ir­ish Col­lege of Gen­eral Prac­ti­tion­ers (ICGP) 8.45am I make a low-carb pro­tein shake to go. The clinic in Bray is just 15 min­utes from home; I have only my­self to get out as I have three grown-up chil­dren — Mur­chadh (29), Seán (26) and Nóra (23) — as well as two dogs and two ducks. 9am The clinic in Bray is sim­i­lar to a Well Woman Clinic. We of­fer sex­ual health and re­pro­duc­tive health care; pe­riod prob­lems, menopause, con­tra­cep­tion, STI care. We fit a lot of long-act­ing re­versible con­tra­cep­tion de­vices. 10am One of my pa­tients this morn­ing is a woman suffering from in­con­ti­nence. This is a rel­a­tively com­mon prob­lem in older women. It might be a legacy of child­birth, but it can be ge­netic too. If your mother suf­fered from in­con­ti­nence, there’s a fair chance that you might. The woman I see this morn­ing has menopause-re­lated in­con­ti­nence. 1pm I have some salami and a diet Coke for lunch be­fore head­ing to my pri­vate clinic in Mount Mer­rion for 2pm. It’s a new clinic for women with menopause is­sues and the fo­cus is on giv­ing them more time to dis­cuss how menopause is af­fect­ing their lives. Most of the women are strug­gling with mood changes, sleep dis­rup­tion and flush­ing. Mood and sleep cause far greater up­set than hot flushes for most. The most sig­nif­i­cant is­sue for women go­ing through menopause is how it af­fects their men­tal and so­cial health. 5pm I head to the GP-led clinic at the Ro­tunda which we set up over two years ago. It is staffed by an amaz­ing team of skilled GPs. We have a sim­i­lar clinic in the Na­tional Ma­ter­nity Hos­pi­tal. We use the gy­nae out-pa­tient depart­ment once the gy­nae­col­o­gists have gone home. We fit a lot of coils or re­move coils whose strings have gone miss­ing. It’s a great ser­vice, es­pe­cially as there can be a two year wait to see a gy­nae­col­o­gist. We get paid a lot less than the gy­naes, but we love do­ing it. 8pm I pro­vide online peer sup­port for GP col­leagues and trainees via an online fo­rum, Ask the Ex­pert. It is hosted by a GP-only web­site called GPBuddy. I run live cour­ses for them, as well as the ICGP. 9pm I head home to the ducks, the dogs, my daugh­ter, and my tour guide hus­band, Ho­gan, af­ter a long but re­ward­ing day.

“We get paid a lot less than gy­naes, but we love do­ing it”

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