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From cinema to home viewing, your entertainm­ent wrap for the week

- Des O’Driscoll


Rear Window

TG4, 1.20pm

It might be a bit early for many people to sit in front of a telly, but this thriller from 1954 rates among Alfred Hitchcock’s best, and is well worth recording for later viewing. James Stewart and Grace Kelly star in the tale of a man who thinks he witnesses a murder in a neighbour’s apartment.

Take Me Out

ITV, 5.30pm

A twist to the show has the regular panel replaced with 30 women who work for the emergency services, while the males trying to tempt them are a firefighte­r, a doctor, and a paramedic.


TG4, 10.20pm

The Irish language station probably has the smallest budget of any of the main channels, but it has still managed to schedule a decent roster of films over the holidays, including this Coen brothers’ murder tale. William H Macy, and Steve Buscemi star in a film probably best remembered for Frances McDormand’s role as police officer Marge Gunderson.


Life and Soul

RTÉ One, 11am

This episode of the religious programme features several celebritie­s who are open about their faith, including Francis Brennan, Katie Taylor and Ireland hockey star Elena Tice. There’s also a visit to the L’Arche community in Cork, part of an incredible worldwide organisati­on that provides homes and workshops for people with intellectu­al disabiliti­es.


ITV, 6pm

A sort of quiz equivalent of a unifying title bout in boxing, this show features previous winners of such programmes as Who Wants to Be a Millionair­e, Mastermind, The Chase, and University Challenge. They go head-to-head in general knowledge to see who will emerge as the heavyweigh­t quiz champion.

Doctor Who

BBC One, 6.55pm

This show has never had the profile in this country as in the UK, but a cohort of dedicated fans will still be interested in the launch of a new 10-part series.

Snow Cats And Me

BBC Two, 8pm

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan is in Russia with a cat expert who is trying to rehabilita­te lynx back to the wild. Two of them had lived in a tiny cage for years, with their young bred for the fur trade; while another pair were raised as pets in a house and had never been outdoors. It’ll be quite a job to get any of those cats up to a level where they can fend for themselves, but there is some good news when one of the females is pregnant. Concluding episode on Monday.

A Date for Mad Mary

Virgin One, 9pm

Gritty 2016 drama in which Seana Kerslake shines as a young woman trying to readjust to life in Drogheda after her release from prison.

Niall Tóibín: Everyman

RTÉ One, 9.30pm

Documentar­y on the Cork entertaine­r who passed away in November. His daughters trawl through the archives, while fellow actors Pierce Brosnan and Gabriel Byrne relate anecdotes from their time on set with Tóibín.


Great Irish Interiors

RTÉ One, 8.30pm

A three-part series on renovation projects on historical buildings around the country will run across three nights this week. First up is Doneraile Court in Co Cork, a state-owned property with a gorgeous estate that’s a popular destinatio­n for a stroll in the area. We see the progress of a recent restoratio­n project that saw part of the house finally opened to the public last summer after decades of closure. Thursday’s episode features Kylemore Abbey in Connemara, while Friday looks at Emo Court in Co Laois.

Shane Lowry: Open

RTÉ One, 9.30pm

This film follows the affable Offaly man from

his bitter disappoint­ment at not making the cut at the British Open in 2018 to his triumph this year at Portrush this year when he walked away with about €1.7 million.

Searching For Sam — Adrian

Dunbar On Samuel Beckett

BBC Four, 10pm

The veteran Irish actor is best known for his Line of Duty role, but also showed his breadth of knowledge in recent years with an excellent documentar­y on Brendan Behan. For this documentar­y, he visits some of the formative locations in Beckett’s life, from Dublin and Wicklow, through to Enniskille­n and Paris. Along the way, west Cork-based photograph­er John Minihan and actor Stephen Rea talk about their encounters with Beckett, and we also hear tales of how he hid from the Germans during WWII in a French viillage that also hosted artist Marc Chagall at the same time.


Ireland’s Fittest Family Celebrity Special

RTÉ One, 6.25pm

Various celebritie­s lead their family teams through the trials at the Hell & Back course in Kilruddery. Big Brother winner Brian Dowling, RTÉ Sport’s Jacqui Hurley, Fair City actor David O’Sullivan (Decco) and Olympian couple Rob and Marian Heffernan all take part. Our money is on the latter pair.

Mrs Brown’s Boys

RTÉ One, 9.40pm

The second of the seasonal specials from Brendan O’Carroll is called ‘Orange is the New Mammy’.

Graham Norton Show

BBC One, 10.20pm

Tom Hanks is a regular guest on the show, and is usually one of the better raconteurs. Joining him on the couch are Melanie C of the Spice Girls, and actor Stephen Graham.


Leaving Limbo

RTÉ One, 6.30pm

Observatio­nal documentar­y follows Natasha Maimba and Minahil Sarfraz, who became friends as part of the Direct Provision, as they prepare to do their Leaving Cert in Athlone. Both spent large parts of their childhood in the system before eventually being granted rights to stay in Ireland.

Madagascar: Earth’s Tropical Islands

BBC Two, 9pm

First of a three-part natural history show being broadcast over three consecutiv­e nights. First up, we see how the island off the coast of Africa has much more amazing wildlife than its famed lemurs. Thursday’s show focuses on Borneo, where the oranguntan­s, tree frogs, sun bears, etc, are under threat from industrial logging and palm oil plantation­s; while Friday has Hawaii, where many of the impressive animals are water-based.


Best Home Cook

BBC One, 8pm

Mary Berry and co are back for season two of the cooking competitio­n where contestant­s live together in a shared house. First up, the 10 contestant­s have to produce an Italian pasta dinner, complete with making their own pasta.

The Deuce

Sky Atlantic, 10pm

Widely praised in some quarters, while leaving other viewers underwhelm­ed, the third and final season of David Simon’s New York-set drama moves into the 1980s as the porn industry undergoes major changes. VHS video tapes have become the gamechange­r, and the Aids epidemic is taking hold.


Anne with an E


Irish actress Amybeth McNulty stars in the final season of the series based on the early 20th century novel Anne of Green Gables.

Gogglebox Festive Special

Channel 4, 9pm

The viewing families peruse the Christmas telly offerings. Are their reactions similar to yours?

 ??  ??
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Mary Heffernan and Christophe­r Moore in Doneraile Court on Great Irish Interiors on Monday.
Mary Heffernan and Christophe­r Moore in Doneraile Court on Great Irish Interiors on Monday.
 ??  ?? Gordon Buchanan with a pair of baby lynx in Snow Cats & Me on BBC Two on Sunday.
Gordon Buchanan with a pair of baby lynx in Snow Cats & Me on BBC Two on Sunday.
 ??  ?? Claes Bang stars as Dracula in a new three- part series on BBC One, from Wednesday to Friday. See p48.
Claes Bang stars as Dracula in a new three- part series on BBC One, from Wednesday to Friday. See p48.
 ??  ?? Leaving Certs students Natasha Maimba and Minahil Sarfraz in Leaving Limbo on RTÉ One.
Leaving Certs students Natasha Maimba and Minahil Sarfraz in Leaving Limbo on RTÉ One.

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