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READ: Royals by Emma Forrest. I have been in love with Emma Forrest’s writing since her 2011 memoir, and her latest novel doesn’t disappoint. Set in ’ 80s London, it tells the story of Stephen, a shy, working class boy who wants to be a fashion designer. His life is changed when he meets the dazzling Jasmine, a troubled heiress. It’s such a great read.

LISTEN: Up to 90. This excellent podcast, hosted by comedians Emma Doran and Julie Jay, is like listening in as two of your funniest friends put the world to rights. bering that they are fighting a battle I know nothing about. I want to redefine ‘success’, because I have come to believe that if I am enjoying life and making happiness a priority, then that is a life well lived. I have hopes for Ireland too; hopes that we can withstand the dangerous wave of right-wing populism that is sweeping the rest of Europe.

We are a crossroads in this country, and it is a crucial one. I hope that in 2020, we will look at the marginalis­ed people in our society — those who are homeless, travellers, immigrants, and asylum seekers — and treat them with the compassion and decency we would want to be treated with if we found ourselves in similar situations.

We are more alike than we are different. Choose kindness, this year and always.

Louise O’ Neill is the author of Only Ever ■

Yours, Asking For It, Almost Love, and The Surface Breaks

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