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13 Irish Examiner Tuesday, 4.08.2020 @irishexami­ner /irishexami­ner www.irishexami­ LIFE/STYLE Tuesday, 4 August, 2020 MAKING ¢ENTS Consumer advice with Gráinne McGuinness “Unless you are a market expert, comparing various lender options is likely to prove very time consuming, while simply going direct to your own bank could be a costly exercise, as lenders are not obliged to tell you that there may be a better deal elsewhere.” AIMA say the presence of new lenders in the Irish market make going to a broker the best option for customers. “As new mortgage lenders such as Dilosk, Finance Ireland, ICS and now Avant Money, come to the Irish market, they have invariably chosen specialist mortgage intermedia­ries as their primary distributi­on channel,” Mr Grant said. “Currently 3 out of 10 consumers use the services of specialist mortgage intermedia­ries when applying for a mortgage, and we expect this to grow exponentia­lly in the coming years. “This is mainly due to the fact that these intermedia­ries can provide greater product choice across the board, as well as often being able to offer better rates that are exclusivel­y available through this channel.” Brokers are also seeing success in getting mortgage approval for some on the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme or the Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployme­nt Payment, a source of much controvers­y in recent weeks. “Our experience is that we have been able to get mortgage seekers and “almost there homeowners” back on track with their mortgage applicatio­ns and approvals — even if that has meant switching lenders,” Joey Sheahan, head of credit at MyMortgage­ said. “We’ve seen a high volume of borrowers secure loan approval, have their loan offers issued and ultimately get funds released to complete purchase during Covid, despite being on temporary Covid payments and/or reduced pay.” DEAL OF THE WEEK With schools set to reopen by the end of the month, preparatio­ns are underway in households across the county. School uniforms are one of many costs parents face at this time of year and most major retailers have uniform offers on sale at the moment. One of these, Tesco, is offering a 100-day guarantee on its F&F uniform range, promising parents they can “kit-out the kids with confidence, knowing that if the uniform wears quicker than expected, Tesco can exchange it”. Customers will need to have their receipt to avail of the guarantee. The range includes boys’ and girls’ uniforms for ages 316. A two-pack of polo shirts starts at €3, a two-pack of sweatshirt­s from €5, skirts two-pack from €7.50, and girls trousers two-pack from €7.50. Features include adjustable waists, secure hems, stain repellent and special dye to keep uniforms looking newer for longer. The range is on sale in-store now. If there are any consumer issues that you’d like Gráinne to address or if you have problems that Gráinne could help with, she can be contacted at makingcent­ ■

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