Irish Examiner : 2020-08-04

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5 News Irish Examiner Tuesday, 4.08.2020 John Hume, 1937-2020 “I never thought in terms of being a leader. I thought very simply in terms of helping people “When people are divided, the only solution is agreement “I grew up in Derry, of course, and it was... Derry was the worst example of Northern Ireland’s discrimina­tion “They believed that Britain was in Ireland defending their own interests, therefore the Irish had the right to use violence to put them out. My argument was that that type of thinking was out of date “Ireland is not a romantic dream; it is not a flag; it is 4.5 million people divided into two powerful traditions. The solution will be found not on the basis of victory for either, but on the basis of agreement and a partnershi­p between both. The real division of Ireland is not a line drawn on the map, but in the minds and hearts of its people “I want to see an Ireland of partnershi­p where we wage war on want and poverty, where we reach out to the marginalis­ed and dispossess­ed, where we build together a future that can be as great as our dreams allow us on this island’

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