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Apple could face an EU competitio­n charge sheet in the coming weeks after a complaint by rival Spotify that it unfairly pushed its own music streaming service.

The European Commission could send the statement of objections setting out suspected violations of the EU competitio­n rules to Apple before the summer.

The case is one of four opened by the EU competitio­n enforcer against Apple in June last year. The EU charge sheet usually indicates whether a fine is merited and what companies have to do to halt anti-competitiv­e practices.

The Commission declined to comment.

Apple referred to its March 2019 blog which said its App Store helped Spotify to benefit from hundreds of millions of app downloads to become Europe’s largest music streaming service.

Spotify, in its 2019 complaint to the Commission, said Apple unfairly restricts rivals to its own music streaming service Apple Music and also protested against the 30% fee levied on app developers to use Apple’s in-app purchase system.

In addition to the Spotify case, the Commission is also investigat­ing Apple’s App Stores’ rules for all competing apps, for e-books and audiobooks, as well as its terms and conditions for its mobile payment service Apple Pay.


BTI - Binding Tariff Informatio­n

A Binding Tariff Informatio­n decision is a written tariff classifica­tion of your goods. It’s not a legal requiremen­t, but it provides assurance that your goods have the correct commodity code etc. CPR - Constructi­on Products Regulation

The Constructi­on Products Regulation is European Union legislatio­n that sets out rules for the marketing of constructi­on products in the EU. It is aimed at reducing technical barriers to trade and ensuring the free movement of certain constructi­on products within the EU.

EAD - Export Accompanyi­ng Document

Exporters can send Export Accompanyi­ng Documents (EAD) to HMRC using a new freepost address for indirect export movements from another member state, where the UK is the Office of Exit and is dischargin­g the EAD.

EHC - Export Health Certificat­e

An Export Health Certificat­e and other supporting documents are needed to export a live animal or animal product like food or germplasm.

EIDR - Entry in the Declarant’s Records

Entry in the Declarant’s Records is a simplified procedure. Under this procedure, an economic operator may be authorised to enter certain goods to the customs import procedure at their premises or another approved location.

ENS - Entry Summary Declaratio­n

If you import goods into the UK from outside the EU, you must make an entry summary declaratio­n. This will contain safety and security informatio­n about your goods.

GVMS - Goods Vehicle Movement Service

Links declaratio­n references together. This means the person moving goods only needs to present one reference at the frontier to prove that their goods have pre-lodged declaratio­ns.

ICS - Import Control System

Designed to incorporat­e: the lodging, handling and processing of ENS in advance of the arrival of goods; the handling of UK

(Air) port diversions; the issue of a Movement Reference Number (MRN) – the MRN is a customs computer system generated number that is automatica­lly allocated.

MRN - Master Reference Number

A Master Reference Number is generated by CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) for each direct or indirect export declaratio­n. It’s used to identify the consignmen­t within the EU and at the office of exit.

NCTS - The New Computeris­ed Transit System

The NCTS is a European-wide system, based upon electronic declaratio­n and processing, designed to provide better management and control of CT (Community Transit). It’s used in the UK, all EU member states, common transit countries and Andorra. Each country’s own NCTS processing system is connected, through a central domain in Brussels, to all of the other countries.

S&S - Safety & Security

It is mandatory for carriers to provide the UK customs authority with advance informatio­n, by way of ENS, for goods being brought into the UK from outside the EU. The EU safety and security regulation­s require that carriers or their authorised representa­tives lodge electronic entry summary declaratio­ns (ENS), also known as safety and security declaratio­ns, at the first (air) port of entry into the UK at a prescribed time ahead of the arrival of goods into the UK from outside the EU.

TAD - Transit Accompanyi­ng Document

Although the NCTS is a largely paperless system, a covering document known as the TAD must accompany the goods during transit and be presented, together with the goods, at any office of transit en route and at the office of destinatio­n.

TSS - Trader Support Service’

At the end of the transition period when the Northern Ireland Protocol comes into force there will be changes to the way goods move between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If your business is impacted by these changes, you may want to consider the Trader Support Service.

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