Last of the lambs have been brought in­doors for fat­ten­ing

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is to pre­vent them get­ting too thin and give them a longer chance to re­cover while they’re still grow­ing.

I dosed the re­place­ment ewe lambs for fluke and they were also sup­ple­mented for trace el­e­ments. These will be win­tered out­doors. They will prob­a­bly get an­other fluke dose in De­cem­ber and some feed buck­ets will be put with them to give them a sup­ply of ex­tra en­ergy and pro­tein. The buck­ets are con­ve­nient when the ewe lambs will be away from the main flock.

With the re­cent good dry spell we got a chance to get jobs done that we didn’t get a chance to do this time last year. Some of the land could per­haps be re­spond­ing bet­ter to fer­tiliser and was in­clined to hold sur­face wa­ter, es­pe­cially in early spring. I asked a lo­cal con­trac­tor with a sub soiler/pan buster to work on a few fields. It is my first time try­ing it. It should help quite a bit with drainage in these fields which in turn should give bet­ter grass growth, bet­ter grass util­i­sa­tion and bet­ter an­i­mal per­for­mance. I won’t know for sure un­til next year but the early signs are good.

The ma­nure from the sheds was spread on ground that was grazed tight over the past few weeks. The dung will have the chance to break down over the win­ter months as these fields will be saved un­til spring­time.

I will grad­u­ally start sav­ing fields that have the most shel­ter, these will suit ewes and lambs in the spring. I aim to have a good sup­ply of grass avail­able for ewes at lamb­ing time with the aim of not feed­ing any con­cen­trates to the ewes af­ter lamb­ing. Last spring this was the case for a while and then we had no op­tion but to feed con­cen­trates to the ewes as grass sup­plies be­gan to run tight.

I hope this win­ter and next spring will be kinder to us as I think all farm­ers could do with a break af­ter a dif­fi­cult year.

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