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Eric Driver noted that bet­ter cat­tle across all di­vi­sions con­tinue to im­prove. “Granted the lighter bul­lock is not as good as 2017 but they too have im­proved es­pe­cially if their bet­ter made,” Eric said. Among the for­ward 550kg store bul­locks, top prices here for Li­mousin and Charo­lais ranged from €1,270-1,300/ hd, with Eric quot­ing black 550kg Li­mousins as mak­ing a top of €1,150/hd. Heavy 700kg Con­ti­nen­tals sold from €1,600-1,630/hd. The wean­ling trade cracked on very well, with farm­ers and feed­ers push­ing 380-400kg red Li­mousins into €1,060-1,120/hd.


John O’Han­lon re­ported that his trade re­mained steady last week with num­bers con­tin­u­ing to come, as they had all through the month of Oc­to­ber. Wean­ling heifers sold from €2-2.80/kg, while among the bulls the heav­ier types were the most sought af­ter. Here 400500kg bulls sold from €2.40-3.00/kg. Sam­ple prices among the bul­locks in­cluded 650kg Aberdeen An­gus at €2.05/kg, two 477kg Charo­lais at €2.49/kg and a 485kg Charo­lais at €2.48/kg. A se­ries of re­cent suck­ler sales cul­mi­nates this week with the dis­posal of an or­ganic herd on Thurs­day.


Num­bers here also con­tin­ued strong while prices held steady. Farm­ers were the main driv­ing force es­pe­cially in the wean­ling rings where ex­tra buy­ers helped strengthen the trade. Sam­ple prices among the bull wean­lings saw 295kg Charo­lais make €3.17/kg, a 350kg Charo­lais mak­ing €3.40/kg, while a 470kg Li­mousin saw the ham­mer fall at €2.37/kg. In the heifer ring a 455kg Li­mousin set the bar at €2.73/kg. The mar­ket for dry cows saw the best of the heavy­weights make from around the €1.80/kg mark to €2.00/kg.


An­other week, an­other good yard of cat­tle. Ge­orge Can­dler won­ders whether some buy­ers are get­ting filled. For the mo­ment, how­ever, the bet­ter 600kg+ bul­locks at a top of €2.40/kg helped un­der­pin a con­tin­u­ing strong trade for bet­ter qual­ity across all di­vi­sions. Prices for 500-600kg bul­locks ranged from €1.60-2.50/kg, with those in the 400-500kg weight di­vi­sion mak­ing from €1.50-2.60/kg. Al­though the top of the mar­ket for stores un­der 400kgs hit €2.60/ kg, bal­anc­ing this was the fact that dairy type stock con­tin­ued to per­form poorly with some at €1.35/kg, in­di­cat­ing the gulf in class. Beef heifers made from €1.80-2.30/kg, with for­ward stores mak­ing from €1.70-2.35/kg. Light store heifers sold from €1.80-2.70/kg.


A good en­try of wean­ling calves saw prices for both qual­ity bulls and heifers hit the €3/kg mark, al­though plainer types were a bit tricky. Av­er­age prices for bulls ranged from €2.20-3/ kg, with heifers mak­ing from €2.20-3.10/ kg. On the cat­tle side, trade con­tin­ues to be buoyed by strong de­mand from both farm­ers and feed­ers. While qual­ity al­ways com­mands a pre­mium, it was no­tice­able that plainer lots were a bet­ter trade. Bul­locks sold from €22.70/kg, with heifers mak­ing from €2-2.80/kg. Cull cows made from€580-1,640/hd.


Beef and for­ward store bul­locks here sold from €500-900/hd over the €1/kg. 500kg+ stores sold from €500-815/hd over the weight. Among the lighter 400-500kg bul­locks, prices ranged from €410-685 over the €1/kg, with lighter stores sell­ing from €320-530 over the €1/kg. On the heifer side those over 400kgs sold to a top €545/hd, with lighter lots mak­ing from €300-445/hd. Beef and butcher types made from €480-760 over the weight, with beef cows mak­ing from €300-620 over the€1/kg. Feed­ing cows sold from €1/kg to €265/hd over.


A full yard of cat­tle with a big num­ber of Here­fords through the sale. Sam­ple prices from the bul­lock side in­cluded two 392kg Here­fords that made €2.18/kg, with five more of equal qual­ity at 421kgs mak­ing €2.16/kg, while seven 541kg Here­ford fell just shy of the magic €2.00/kg mark com­ing in at €1.99/kg. Among the heifers were three Here­fords at 502kgs who also had to set­tle at the €1.99/kg mark. Other batches of Here­ford heifers from 380-400kgs sold from €1.76-1.80/kg. Prices among the cull cows saw 660-720kg Friesians make from €1.29-1.39/kg, while 735-740kg Li­mousin and Charo­lais crosses sold from €1.52-1.63kg.

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