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“It was a good trade but cat­tle were eas­ier sold,” said Patsy Smith, who noted ex­tra buy­ers. Wean­ling heifers un­der 300kg made €2.00-3.20/kg with those in the 300-400kg bracket top­ping out at €2.60/ kg. 500kg+ heifers sold from €1.50-2.70/ kg, with those top-end prices go­ing for those cho­sen for breed­ing. Among the wean­ling bulls those un­der 300kg made €1.80-3.45/ kg, while in the 300-400kg sec­tion prices ranged from €1.70-3.15/kg. On the bul­lock front stores un­der 500kg made €1.60-2.70/ kg, with heav­ier stock mak­ing €1.85-2.55/kg.


There were also ex­tra buy­ers here, with Jim Bushe say­ing that while for­ward store cat­tle were sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous week “lighter classes of both bul­locks and heifers were a bet­ter trade”. Beef bul­locks sold from €540 over the €1/kg for Here­fords and An­guses to €940 over for fancier con­tine­tal types. Heavy Friesian bul­locks sold from €300-500/hd over the €1/kg, with lighter Friesians mak­ing €155-320 with the weight. Beef heifers sold for €500-980 with their weight, while store heifers made €360-660 with the €1/kg. Beef cows sold for €330690 over the €1/kg, with straight-fromthe-par­lour dairy cows types sell­ing from €300-570/hd.


Ge­orge Can­dler said num­bers of qual­ity cat­tle at marts are dis­ap­pear­ing fast, with over­age and un­der­fed stock now “dif­fi­cult” sales. On a more pos­i­tive note cull cows show­ing a bit of feed­ing or nicely fleshed were steady. Bul­locks over 600kg sold from €1.70-2.31/kg, with the 500-600kg bul­lock €1.70-2.55/kg. Beef heifers sold from €1.802.30/kg, with for­ward stores hit­ting a top of €2.30/kg. Lighter stores made €1.60-2.57/ kg. Friesian cull cows sold from €0.65c/kg to €1.76/kg.


The fancier an­i­mal was also in short sup­ply here. Although dom­i­nated by plainer types, prices for bul­locks did not dip be­low the €2.00/kg mark, top­ping out at €2.50/ kg. Wean­ling bulls made €1.80-2.30/kg with heifers sell­ing for €1.90-2.50/kg. Fat cows sold from €585/hd to €1,150/hd.


This sale saw con­tin­u­ing strong num­bers where qual­ity com­manded a pre­mium. Top price of the day went to a 380kg Li­mousin bul­lock that sold for €2.74/kg. Other bul­lock prices of note were the €2.16/kg paid for a 577kg Charo­lais and the €2.66/kg for a 455kg Charo­lais-cross. Among the top heifer prices were the€2.52/kg paid for a 595kg Charo­lais-cross and the €2.32/kg for a batch of three 575kg Li­mousins. The wean­ling trade saw a 315kg bull go for €2.70kg; on the heifer side a 355kg Li­mousin-cross clicked €2.35/kg.


Trade for wean­lings was also firm here. On the bull side 200-300kgs sold from €210-470 over the €1/kg, with 300-400kgs mak­ing €300-495 over. Heav­ier bulls made €345-500/hd over their weight. Wean­ling heifers at 200-300kg made €200-400/hd over the €1/kg with heav­ier heifers mak­ing €275-445/hd over the weight.


There was a strong en­try for the time of the year but de­mand for qual­ity lots was undi­min­ished, with beef and for­ward stores mak­ing €600-800 over the €1/kg, and con­ti­nen­tal stores sell­ing from €380-810 over the €1/kg. Beef heifers sold from €550-860 over their weight, with store heifers mak­ing €210-715 over. Friesian bull calves made €40-180/hd, with con­ti­nen­tal bulls sell­ing for €220-410/hd. Here­ford and An­gus bulls made €150-310/hd. Con­ti­nen­tal heifers calves made €140-360/ hd. Beef cows sold from €350-680/hd over the €1/kg, with store cows mak­ing €150/hd un­der the €1/kg to €280/hd over.

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