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34 Farming Independent Tuesday 5 February 2019 rural life British ‘lie’ hits export trade Farming Independent from February 1, 1969 Images and headlines from our archives ANGLO-IRISH relations are going through a rocky patch as frustration grows on this side of the water with the British government’s inability to engineer an orderly exit from the EU. Economic relations were also frosty 50 years ago when the was unimpressed by what it labelled a “lie” that posed a threat to Ireland’s livestock expor t trade. “A statistical lie is being published in Britain, apparently with the aim of showing that Ireland is one of several countries with which Britain has a major balance of trade deficit.” The focus of Irish ire was a repor t from the British National Farmers Union which had repor ted that Australia was the only one of 10 countries surveyed with which Britain had a favourable balance of trade. The sur vey star ted that Britain’s deficit with Ireland was £27m. The figures were being used in a drive to replace a slice of British food imports with homegrown produce. “Avoided is any reference to the fact that this is the only year in a decade in which Ireland had an apparent surplus in its trade with Britain and only a statistical lie brings that balance as high as €27m,” stated the Farming Independent Farming Independent. An Irish government spokesman pointed out that in the 10 years to 1966, Ireland had purchased £100m more in goods from Britain than it had purchased from us. President Mary Robinson pictured at the opening of the 1991 FTMTA show in the RDS with (from left): Michael Willis Murphy, Phyllis McHugh, John R Perry, Pip Ryan, Nick Robinson, Paddy Callan, Michael Jacob, Mai Branagan and Patrick Lyons Send us your photographs Email: [email protected]

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