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While the world has been oth­er­wise en­gaged, Massey Fer­gu­son has been qui­etly pre­par­ing its lat­est high­per­for­mance trac­tor range which was an­nounced re­cently with­out the usual fan­fare we have come to as­so­ciate with the rev­e­la­tion of ma­jor changes.

Util­is­ing the tried and trusted Agco Power 7.4litre en­gine with re­vamped elec­tron­ics, the ma­chines are, to a great ex­tent, a clean­sheet de­sign.

The cab is the most ob­vi­ous new item, while lurk­ing be­neath it are two gear­box op­tions that Massey Fer­gu­son are keen to pro­mote as rep­re­sent­ing the very lat­est in non-CVT trans­mis­sion tech­nol­ogy.

Badged as the 8S se­ries, they re­place the top four ma­chines of the old 7S se­ries with power rat­ings of 205, 225, 245 and 265hp from the six-cylin­der en­gines.

Thank­fully these out­puts are in­cluded in the nam­ing of the mod­els, with the smaller ma­chine be­ing known as the MF 8S.205 and so on.

The new cab has been in ges­ta­tion for al­most three years and rep­re­sents a fresh ap­proach to pro­vid­ing a prac­ti­cal work­ing en­vi­ron­ment for the op­er­a­tor.

There are just four pil­lars supporting the roof, re­duc­ing the clut­ter in­ter­fer­ing with the driver’s field of view, es­pe­cially the for­ward vi­sion to which par­tic­u­lar attention has been paid.

The bon­net is wasp-like,


while the front console has been shrunk to min­i­mal­ist pro­por­tions with a smaller steer­ing wheel in­stalled in a bid pro­vide an al­most cin­ema-like ex­pe­ri­ence to the pi­lot.

As a re­sult, many of the func­tions and in­di­ca­tors once placed in front of the driver have been re­lo­cated to the right-hand side of the cab with new MF-spe­cific dis­plays be­ing mounted where the com­pany’s track­ing of eye move­ments has sug­gested is the op­ti­mal po­si­tion.

The com­pact­ness of the con­trol el­e­ments on the arm­rest is also some­thing MF is proud of, but this may not al­ways be the best idea when seek­ing the right but­ton to push on a bumpy field. Time will tell on the pop­u­lar­ity of that fea­ture.

De­spite all the attention to the op­er­a­tor’s com­fort, the ma­jor function of a trac­tor re­mains the pulling of im­ple­ments, and this is some­thing MF claim the new trans­mis­sions are par­tic­u­larly ef­fi­cient at.

The new Dyna 8 box is an evo­lu­tion of the Dyna 7 with two sep­a­rate de­vel­op­ment teams work­ing on the gear se­quenc­ing and gear se­lec­tion.

The Dyna E Power gear­box as the com­pany names its dual clutch trans­mis­sion

can change both gears and ranges to pro­vide a tran­si­tion be­tween ra­tios with­out torque in­ter­rup­tion, smooth­ing out progress and gen­er­ally mak­ing the most eco­nom­i­cal use of the en­gine’s out­put according to the com­pany.

Over­all Massey Fer­gu­son ap­pear to have put great ef­fort into these new ma­chines, which they feel are pro­gres­sive and mod­ern.

Cabs and gear­boxes aside it has also at­tempted to re­in­force a dis­tinc­tive style which clearly sets the brand apart from the Fendt and Val­tra sta­ble­mates, a wel­come move in a world of in­creas­ing ho­mo­gene­ity.

The Dyna E Power gear­box can change both gears and ranges to pro­vide a tran­si­tion be­tween ra­tios with­out torque in­ter­rup­tion, and smooth­ing out progress

The new Massey Fer­gu­son 8S se­ries pulling a but­ter­fly mower; be­low: a view from the re­mod­elled cab

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