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Super sets

To step up your level of train­ing with­out spend­ing hours in the gym — which is com­pletely un­nec­es­sary — try do­ing super sets, which sim­ply means us­ing two ex­er­cises per body part. This will shock the mus­cles into ac­tion, es­pe­cially with no rest in be­tween sets.

You may not be able to use your nor­mal weight, as mov­ing fast will tire out the body parts quickly. As pres­sure is in­creased with no rest for fat burn­ing, keep rep­e­ti­tions to 15 reps for three sets; for weight gain, go for 10 reps, three sets.


1. Bench press com­bined with in­cline press

2. Bi­ceps curls with tri­ceps press down

3. Dumbbell press with side lat­er­als

4. Pullover and pec deck

5. Dumbbell row­ing and pull downs

6. Squats and leg ex­ten­sion

7. Calf raises and stretch

8. Crunches and hang­ing leg raises

9. Five-minute cool down on the bike or cross trainer

The best re­sults are achieved with no rest in be­tween sets. A train­ing part­ner can be a great help. Try this work­out for at least a month.

Gas­tro problems

Sales of anti-acid med­i­ca­tion have in­creased by 70pc. This can be down to stress lev­els in­creas­ing in the work­place and the huge in­crease in fast-food con­sump­tion. Of th­ese three food groups, which af­fects acid re­flux? See if you know the an­swer:

1. In­dian food;

2. Euro­pean food;

3. Bread, cakes, and bis­cuits? The an­swer is: bread, cakes and bis­cuits. Stodgy foods are a con­tribut­ing fac­tor in in­creas­ing acid lev­els. Drink­ing liq­uid with your meals is also bad, as it does not give your body a chance to nat­u­rally di­gest your food.

Also eat­ing while stand­ing or work­ing or sit­ting at your desk on the com­puter is not a good idea. You need time and no dis­trac­tion to en­joy and di­gest your food, con­sid­er­ing it takes at least three hours to di­gest your meal.

Give your body a chance to do its work. If acid re­flux re­sults, see your doc­tor. Use real sticks of liquorice, which will help tremen­dously with the prob­lem, and cut down on sug­ary drinks and junk food.

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