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mid-car chase re­sulted in the near death of Ryan and Leanne, the ac­tual death of drug dealer Ro­nan, and the demise of Ali’s Hip­po­cratic oath. In short, when it came to light that Abi was one of the very few peo­ple Steve hasn’t slept with, Tracy felt some­thing re­sem­bling guilt, es­pe­cially when she — yet again — had death on her hands. All was not lost, how­ever. Due to lack of ev­i­dence (as in Tracy stole the garage CCTV footage of her man­gling Michelle’s car) Abi was let off the hook by the po­lice. Ev­ery­one’s a win­ner! Right? Nay. The dam­age was done. Ques­tions have been raised re­gard­ing Abi’s abil­ity to par­ent her twins, leav­ing the mum query­ing her self-worth to the point that, this week, she feels her kids would be bet­ter off with their foster par­ents. De­ci­sion made, Abi downs vodka be­fore Tracy finds her un­con­scious due to an over­dose.

Racked with guilt yet again, Tracy un­bur­dens her­self at Abi’s hos­pi­tal bed­side. Find­ing out what’s re­ally hap­pened, Seb sees red and trashes Tracy’s florist, which Abi then ends up tak­ing the blame for. With Abi prison-bound, what will Seb do? Stick by his mum, or de­cide to ap­ply to adopt the twins him­self? Even if it means cut­ting Abi from his life al­to­gether?

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