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Serves 10


100g dou­ble cream

100g brown su­gar

5g ground ginger

11g gelatin leaves

500g greek yo­ghurt (plain) Forthe gin­ger­bread bis­cuits 95g but­ter

125g brown su­gar

225g golden syrup

1 egg

475g plain flour

5g ground ginger

5g ground cin­na­mon

5g salt


430g su­gar

250g wa­ter 350g dou­ble cream

15g corn­flour

15g gelatin

60g dark cho­co­late

Green food colour­ing as needed


1. Put the cream, brown su­gar and ground ginger in a pot and bring to the boil while stir­ring. While this is heat­ing place your gelatin leaves in cold wa­ter, and leave them there un­til they go limp and jelly-like. This is called bloom­ing. 2. Once boiled, re­move from the heat and add the bloomed gelatin, stir­ring un­til com­pletely dis­solved.

3. Cool the mix­ture down to room tem­per­a­ture (a hot mix­ture will split the yo­ghurt) and whisk into the Greek yo­ghurt. 4. Pour into a cling­film-lined con­tainer and freeze. Once frozen, re­move the pannacotta from the con­tainer and, us­ing a Christ­mas tree-shaped cut­ter, cut the pannacotta. 5. The pannacotta Christ­mas trees can be glazed straight from the freezer.

For the bis­cuit base

1. Cream to­gether the but­ter, brown su­gar and golden syrup.

2. Add the egg.

3. Add all of the dry in­gre­di­ents.

4. Once a dough is formed, wrap in cling­film and put in the fridge for at least half an hour.

5. Roll out your dough and us­ing the same Christ­mas tree cut­ter cut out your bis­cuits and place back in the fridge for a fur­ther 10 min­utes to en­sure that the cook­ies do not shrink while they bake.

6. Bake at 170ºC for 10 min­utes.

For the glossy green glaze

1. Put the su­gar in a pot with the wa­ter and cook un­til a light brown caramel. Bring to 145ºC.

2. Whisk to­gether the cream and the corn­flour.

3. Slowly and care­fully pour the cream into the caramel, whisk­ing as you go. Once com­bined re­move from the heat. 4. Bloom the gelatin as in the above recipe, and once bloomed add the gelatin to the caramel mix­ture.

5. Pour the mix­ture over the dark cho­co­late to melt and whisk to­gether

6. Add the green food colour­ing un­til you are hap­py­with the fi­nal colour. This glaze is quite dark as a re­sult of the caramel and the dark cho­co­late, so quite a bit of food colour­ing will be needed to achieve a nice deep for­est green.

7. Cool your glaze to 28ºC, and pour over your frozen yo­ghurt pannacotta, us­ing a rack with a tray un­derneath to catch all un­used glaze. Place your pannacotta on your gin­ger­bread bis­cuits and wait un­til they are thor­oughly de­frosted be­fore serv­ing.

8. This glaze can be used and re­heated sev­eral times with lit­tle to no ef­fect on its per­for­mance, so make sure to keep the glaze that falls onto the tray for later use!

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