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QI need help in de­cid­ing whether to buy the new iPad or iPad Pro. I have an eight-year-old MacBook Pro and am look­ing for a more por­ta­ble op­tion for work. Cre­at­ing, edit­ing and print­ing Word doc­u­ments would be the main fea­tures I’d need. I would also use it for video watch­ing, in­ter­net searches and read­ing, as well as for pho­tos and photo edit­ing. I plan to keep the one I choose for a long time. I would also want to use Mi­crosoft Of­fice as I have tons of Word doc­u­ments that I would want ac­cess to on the new iPad so com­pat­i­bil­ity would be key. I would also hope to use a USB flash drive.

ALook­ing at the par­tic­u­lars of your re­quest, my first re­sponse would be to go for the iPad Pro (which is, un­for­tu­nately, around twice the price). One rea­son is that you say you plan to keep your new ma­chine “for a long time”. In this sce­nario, buy­ing a high-pow­ered ma­chine now might en­sure that it will still be some­what ad­e­quately-pow­ered in, say, six years (a long time in lap­top or tablet years). That said, many peo­ple are still us­ing iPads from four or five years ago with no dis­cernible dis­ad­van­tage. Ap­ple’s tablets nat­u­rally have a much longer sur­vival rate than lap­tops. So the ba­sic iPad would still prob­a­bly work fine in a few years for the things you say you want to do.

As to the in­di­vid­ual mer­its of the two ma­chines, I have both the iPad Pro and the iPad and it’s the Pro I use 90pc of the time. This is for two rea­sons.

First, the 10.5-inch screen is about 15pc big­ger, even though the de­vice is around the same size. That makes a dif­fer­ence when you’re try­ing to get work done and brows­ing be­tween dif­fer­ent apps or pages.

Sec­ond, the Pro model has a cus­tom key­board cover that’s tai­lor made for the ma­chine and con­nects us­ing the iPad Pro’s ‘smart’ con­nec­tion (which the reg­u­lar iPad doesn’t have). So for work, there’s no hav­ing to make sure that a third­party key­board is pow­ered up. It’s one less techie thing to worry about. (To be fair, there are lots of good, com­fort­able third­party iPad key­boards from the likes of Log­itech and Zagg, many of which are cheaper than Ap­ple’s Smart Key­board.)

Stor­age mem­ory is a tricky ques­tion. For what you say you want, you should really be look­ing at a min­i­mum of 128GB. That means ei­ther the higher-level 128GB iPad (€459) or the 256GB iPad Pro (€919). (You can get a 64GB ver­sion of the iPad Pro for €749, but I don’t think 64GB is enough


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