Only a de­ranged pathogen could boy­cott Is­rael while mur­der gangs roam ev­ery other state in the re­gion

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THE most se­ri­ous event of the past week wasn’t re­lated to the ‘ Prime Time In­ves­ti­gates’ li­bel of Fr Kevin Reynolds, and it wasn’t what Car­di­nal Sean Brady did or didn’t do nearly 40 years ago. Far more se­ri­ous than ei­ther for the health of this Repub­lic – though con­nected to both by a sanc­ti­mo­nious tis­sue of lethal in­tol­er­ance – was the in­tim­i­da­tion of the band Dervish into can­celling a tour of Is­rael.

Dervish’s web­site was hit by ven­omous abuse from an­tiIs­raeli ac­tivists, en­cour­aged by the Ir­ish Pales­tine Sol­i­dar­ity Cam­paign ( IPSC). Ev­ery bit as sin­is­ter as this has been the si­lence from politi­cians and “civil lib­er­ties groups”. The ex­cep­tion, of course, be­ing Alan Shat­ter, who is Jewish. It was as if the in­tel­lec­tual bul­lies of the IPSC were try­ing to vin­di­cate my re­cent sug­ges­tion that the largest threat to per­sonal free­dom these days comes not from gov­ern­ment, but from sin­gle- in­ter­est pres­sure groups.

Tac­tics and tech­niques that would be called fas­cist by lib­er­als if used against them were at the heart of the cam­paign against Dervish. For in the left- lib­eral cul­ture, cer­tain sub­jects are be­yond the usual cour­te­sies of a tol­er­ant civil­i­sa­tion, and in­stead may be sub­jected to out­right in­toler- ance and bul­ly­ing. Its tar­gets are the Catholic Church, Amer­i­can Repub­li­cans, and of course Is­rael. So the li­belling of Fr Kevin Reynolds by ‘ Prime Time In­vsti­gates’ was not just a bizarre de­par­ture from some cul­tural norm, but ac­tu­ally was its very quin­tes­sence. In other words, when a black African woman and an Ir­ish Catholic priest con­tra­dict one an­other, it is ax­iomatic that the white man must be ly­ing. In­deed, the pre­vail­ing dogma rules that the op­po­site is quite sim­ply im­pos­si­ble. With that con­tam­i­nated mind­set at the helm, no won­der RTE sailed right into the ice­berg upon a sun­lit noon.

And one can go ab­so­lutely nowhere with this cul­ture. It per­mits no con­ver­sa­tion, no ex­change of ideas and no free­dom of speech. One com­plies, or one is metaphor­i­cally lynched, take your pick. It is the lib­eral ver­sion of Sharia law: one obeys the in­struc­tions of the sec­u­lar mul­lahs, and one hopes to have a peace­ful life. But if you think peace re­sults from the triumph of in­tol­er­ance, just wait for the knock on your in­tel­lec­tual ‘ door’ – be­cause sooner or later, the mind- po­lice will be com­ing for you too.

These peo­ple need to be con­scious of the lessons of his­tory. This is the state whose Taoiseach went to of­fer his con­do­lences on the tragic death of Herr Hitler just weeks af­ter al­lied troops had lib­er­ated Buchen­wald, Belsen and Dachau. This was the state that be­came a safe haven for Nazi war criminals in the 1950s. This was the state where the mayor of Lim­er­ick in 1970 praised the anti- Jewish boy­cott in the city in 1903, and far from be­ing ex­pelled from the Labour Party, was re­elected TD for the party. And the hand­ful of stupid Jews who are back­ing the Boy­cott Is­rael cam­paign need to ex­am­ine their con­sciences.

ONLY a truly de­ranged pathogen could sin­gle out Is­rael for a boy­cott, while in ev­ery other state in the re­gion, there are mass vi­o­la­tions of civil rights by gov­ern­ment- au­tho­rised mur­der gangs. In Egypt, Is­lamic mobs have killed hun­dreds of Chris­tians, dev­as­tat­ing Cop­tic com­mu­ni­ties whose roots pre­date the ar­rival of Is­lam. Be­fore the catas­trophic An­glo- French destruc­tion of the Ot­toman Em­pire, the largest sin­gle ethno- re­li­gious group in Bagh­dad were the Jews, and next came the Chris­tians, who be­tween them out­num­bered the Sun­nis, Shias and Kurds to­gether. To­day, all non- Mus­lim eth­nic groups are fac­ing ut­ter ex­tinc­tion in Iraq. The Jews are gone, and the few re­main­ing Chris­tians are cling­ing on by their eye­lids. Across the Arab world, fun­da­men­tal­ism is tri­umphant, as “hon­our- killings” – that truly mo­ronic oxy­moron – achieve a law­ful sta­tus in Egypt and Jor­dan, as they soon will – make no mis­take – in Libya and Syria. Women caught in “adul­tery” – even when raped – and ho­mo­sex­u­als may le­git­i­mately be killed by self­ap­pointed ex­e­cu­tion­ers.

The one coun­try in the Mid­dle East that does not recog­nise the de­ranged and bar­baric pre­cepts of Sharia Law is Is­rael. Yet this is the one and only state in the re­gion that the Ir­ish left not merely wish to stig­ma­tise, but they want to pres­surise the rest of us into stig­ma­tis­ing also. And to judge from the ab­ject si­lence of our politi­cians, they seem to be suc­ceed­ing ad­mirably.

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