How to spot the first symp­toms of an in­fec­tion

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MEASLES starts with cold-like symp­toms, in­clud­ing a runny nose, sneez­ing, wa­tery eyes, swollen eye­lids and a high tem­per­a­ture.

These be­gin to de­velop within 10 days af­ter the in­fec­tion.

A day or two be­fore the measles rash ap­pears, many peo­ple de­velop small grey­ish-white spots in their mouth.

The rash is made up of small red-brown, flat or slightly raised spots and may join to­gether into larger blotchy patches.

It ap­pears around two to four days af­ter the first symp­toms and nor­mally fades af­ter about a week.

For most, the ill­ness lasts from seven to 10 days.

If you think you may have measles, health of­fi­cials rec­om­mend avoid­ing work, school or crèche.

In­di­vid­u­als should stop vis­i­tors com­ing to the house to pre­vent the ill­ness spread­ing.

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