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“When there are no point­ers from the bid­ding or play, tackle a suit in such away that pips are not wasted .” My thanks go to Tim Bourke of Aus­tralia for ac­quaint­ing me with this mantra– though I sup­pose that all play­ers tend to do this au­to­mat­i­cally. South opened the bid­ding with One No-Trump (15-17) and North didn’ t waste time–he bid a di­rect Six No-Trumps. He knew there was a min­i­mum of 33 points be­tween the two hands, and the part­ner­ship was lucky that he adopted the prac­ti­cal ap­proach. For there was a 4-4 spade fit, and Six Spa des would not have been a suc­cess. West led the seven of di­a­monds–se­cond high­est from a suit lack­ing an hon­our. If spades broke 3-2, there were al­ways three tricks avail­able in hearts and the slam would suc­ceed. De­clarer con­sid­ered how he would achieve twelve tricks if the spa de suit did not be­have and came to the con­clu­sion that hearts would have to pro­vide four tricks. South won the di­a­mond in hand and im­me­di­ately led a low heart and in­serted the kn ave, which held. Then came the ace and king of spa des, West pitch­ing a di­a­mond on the se­cond spa de. Re­turn­ing to hand with a di­a­mond to the queen, He suc­cess­fully fi­nessed again in hearts. The heart king was cashed and the nine of di­a­monds to the ace was fol­lowed by the ace of hearts, ace of clubs, queen of spades and king of di­a­monds. Slam­made.

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