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Start­ing from 1, fill in the grid in a clock­wise di­rec­tion with four-let­ter words. The last let­ter of each word be­comes the first let­ter of the next word. When you have cor­rectly filled in the grid, the key­word will be re­vealed read­ing across the shaded squares.

1 Abom­inable snow­man 2 Skin ir­ri­ta­tion 3 Tril­bies, say 4 Look for 5 Hit with the foot 6 Ja­panese in­stru­ment 7 Was in debt

8 Rush 9 Em­braces 10 Auc­tion 11 Ex­po­si­tion, in short 12 Lubri­cates 13 Halt 14 En­treaty 15 Gifts to the poor 16 Coun­ter­foil

Key­word clue: Ten­nis term

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