I lis­ten to a tape of Dad pray­ing ev­ery day.. my God, what a gift

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Hana, Ali & mum pro­logue and the first chap­ter. He didn’t see the end re­sult, I was prob­a­bly 60 per cent done when he passed away, but I had planned it for years. But it was a great story to share with his fans.” Hana re­veals that sim­ple things keep the mem­ory of Ali for­ever alive in her mind – like watch­ing the Western movies that he en­joyed. In the weeks af­ter he died ru­mours swirled that his off­spring were at war with fourth wife Lon­nie over his €65mil­lion for­tune. It was claimed his nine chil­dren hate each other and only kept a frag­ile truce to safe­guard their in­her­i­tance. But Hana Ali in 1966 with copy of Mir­ror in­sists this couldn’t be fur­ther from the truth, say­ing she loves all of her sib­lings and that they reg­u­larly swap pic­tures and tales via a group chat on so­cial me­dia.

She added: “The press writes silly things, like we were ar­gu­ing and fight­ing over the will, which was so funny be­cause there was no con­ver­sa­tion or ar­gu­ment be­tween any­one about that will. I don’t know where that came from.

“None of the sib­lings were ar­gu­ing, fight­ing, fuss­ing. Ev­ery­one got an equal share, in terms of money.

“No one was treated any bet­ter, as far as the will was con­cerned, with his nat­u­ral kids. It’s a tricky sub­ject but the sib­lings weren’t fight­ing amongst each other.”

In fact, she claims the only is­sues re­late to sec­ond wife Belinda Boyd, mum to four of his chil­dren. Belinda has claimed the mar­riage broke down be­cause of Ali’s re­peated in­fi­delity. But Hana, mar­ried to mixed mar­tial arts star Kevin Casey, has de­cided to say very lit­tle on the sub­ject out of re­spect for her half­brother and sis­ters. She said: “My fa­ther was Ali’s last Christ­mas with Hana




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