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India ‘might not take’ 81


BANGLADESH said it is under “no obligation” to shelter Rohingya Muslims saved from the sea.

India’s coast guard found 81 survivors and eight dead in a fishing boat and were trying to arrange for Bangladesh to take them.

Bangladesh foreign minister AK Abdul Momen said India or Myanmar should accept them.

He said: “They are not Bangladesh nationals and in fact, they are Myanmar nationals.”

PALOMA Faith recently gave birth to her second child, revealing she has taken up putting cabbage leaves in her bra, to help stop the pain of acute breast engorgemen­t.

I’m such a breastfeed­ing advocate but when I think back to those days, Jesus it was hardcore. It was only when I’d be out for a meal with friends and forget to pump, my boobs would be on fire and ready to explode.

You’d be eating your meal feeling guilty you weren’t with your baby.

Fair play to Paloma for advocating breastfeed­ing. Motherhood sure is relentless.

Kennel and cattery owners are calling for urgent Government support after a year of pandemic closures. Thousands of pet owners rely on them to care for their furry friends when they go on holiday.

But after the pandemic put paid to holidays, the industry has been left counting the cost.

It has since set up the SOCKS (Save Our Catteries and Kennels) campaign to get businesses reclassifi­ed as part of the leisure and tourism industry in order to qualify for financial support. So far, more than 26,000 people have signed the petition.

Fern Gresty, who runs Four Paws Doggy Daycare and Boarding Kennels in Northwich, Cheshire, said: “Our industry has been as affected as much as hotels and airlines, yet we have not qualified for anywhere near the same level of support.

“Without help, businesses will simply disappear, resulting in animals being abandoned to charities.” ■ To sign the SOCKS petition, visit petition.

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MILKING IT Paloma Faith
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SUPPORT Fern Gresty at Four Paws
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