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WHAT CAN I DO About...empty nest syndrome


As teenagers prepare to leave home for the first time, it can be daunting. “Allow yourself time to mourn – it is perfectly OK to cry and be sad,” says grief expert Corinne Laan, author of The Art of Grieving (Rockpool).

“It is completely normal to experience a multitude of emotions. Give yourself all the time and space you need to adjust to this new phase in your life.”

Knowing your children are far away by themselves can be a cause of anxiety and stress. You need to trust that you have prepared them well.

“This is a perfect time to rediscover who you are in a new chapter in your life,” says Corinne.

“Think about things you love to do which you don’t always have time for, such as trying hobbies and meeting friends.

“If you are struggling to cope, there is no shame in reaching out to friends for support.”

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