When a child is born

Christmas Eve / RTÉ One & BBC One; Christmas Day / RTÉ 2 & BBC One; St Stephen’s Day - Fri Dec 28, New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day, Thurs Jan 3 & Fri Jan 4 / RTÉ One & BBC One

RTÉ Guide Christmas Edition 2018 - - Festive Soaps -

It’s set to be an ex­plo­sive Christmas on the Square as shock­ing se­crets come to light, re­venge is ex­acted, and a baby is born.

With a lot on her shoul­ders, Jean is de­ter­mined to make sure Christmas Eve goes with­out a hitch, but Stacey no­tices her mother’s odd be­hav­iour and con­fronts her. Hay­ley over­hears them and jumps in to di­vert at­ten­tion from her and Al e by say­ing Jean and Ian are see­ing one an­other. Stacey lays into

Ian, be­liev­ing him to be tak­ing ad­van­tage, but Ian is able to calm her down. Else­where, Al e gives Kat her wed­ding ring, but she quickly rebu s him. On Christmas Day, Kat’s world is turned up­side down when the truth about Al e and Hay­ley comes to light. The fam­ily are shocked at the alarming news and ten­sions reach boil­ing point. How­ever, things take an un­ex­pected turn.

Else­where, Phil is thrust out of his com­fort zone when a trip to the Minute

Mart ends with him help­ing to de­liver Kim’s baby. As the con­cert gets un­der­way, Denise is con­cerned when Kim doesn’t show up and when she sees an am­bu­lance out­side the Minute Mart, she wor­ries for Kim and the baby.

Mel pre­pares to get the ul­ti­mate re­venge on Ray at their wed­ding, but Mad­die threat­ens to be the weak link when she ad­mits she’s hav­ing doubts about their plan. On the day be­fore the wed­ding, Mel’s emo­tions get the bet­ter of her and Hunter over­hears her hav­ing a pri­vate rant about Ray.

Phil helps Kim when she goes into labour

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