Who shot Stu­art?

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The Carters are on ten­ter­hooks for any news about Stu­art and ev­ery­one is re­lieved when they hear doc­tors are go­ing to try to bring him out of his coma so he can make a state­ment to the po­lice. As Stu­art stirs, Half­way storms out of the room, dis­gusted at ev­ery­thing he’s done. Zara goes to find Half­way and tells him that Stu­art wants to speak to him, but what Stu­art says floors him – Stu­art says Mick shot him. With Stu­art busy talk­ing to DI Arthurs, Half­way races across town to warn Mick. Linda won­ders if they should make a run for it, but Mick de­cides there’s no point, just as the po­lice ar­rive and he gives him­self up. The Carters’ heads are spin­ning af­ter Mick’s ar­rest, but things get even worse when Zara de­cides to cor­rob­o­rate her fa­ther’s story. With the fam­ily scram­bling to think of any­thing they can do, Mick calls from prison to beg for help.

Kush is fu­ri­ous that So­phie is still hang­ing around and he snaps at her, telling her to get lost. Carmel over­hears his rude­ness and in­sists that it’s time to move on, es­pe­cially af­ter she has seen Bruno’s re­morse. Kush sticks to his guns, but he later breaks down, over­whelmed. Kush bumps into So­phie at the mar­ket and re­minds her that she’s not wel­come, but in the process, he gets so wound up that Martin has to step in and calm him down. Back at home, Kush sees that So­phie is still there and that she’s scared of him, so he re­solves to hear her out as she bares her soul to him.

All of the chil­dren in the Slater clan have come down with a bug, so Stacey is busy wash­ing all their clothes. Hay­ley sees how busy she is and be­gins to feel anx­ious about her own im­pend­ing mother­hood, but sens­ing her nerves, Stacey reassures her. Later at the phar­macy, Stacey re­ceives a cryp­tic mes­sage from an un­known num­ber telling her to go to the E20, and when she shows up, she is greeted by a blast from the past in the form of Ruby Allen. Else­where, Hay­ley has a much less pleas­ant flash­back when she spots her mum Bev on the Square. Kat and Hay­ley quickly tell her to scarper, but fear­ing for her baby, Hay­ley changes her tune and asks her to stay, only for the oth­ers run her off into a cab. The other Slater girls re­alise Hay­ley is not in a good way and in­sist she goes to the hospi­tal. Later, Stacey is de­ter­mined to look her best for a night out with Ruby, but can’t af­ford a dress, prompt­ing Martin to step in and sur­prise her.

Trou­ble for the Carters ahead

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